Data Migrations & Transitions

Ensure a smooth transition to Talcura:

  • Phased implementations
  • Data extracting, cleansing, importing and migrating
  • Coordination with other vendors and departments

Import data and transition at the desired gait

Adopting Talcura does not mean that you have to leave all your candidate and job records, report templates, etc. behind. And, it does not mean that you have to flick a switch and start using the new system in its entirety on day one.

Talcura offers full migration support and a smooth, logical transition to your new recruiting tools. Extracting and transforming existing data means that you can continue to provide meaningful reports, seamlessly screen in-progress candidates and reduce the learning curve for team members. Coordinating with your existing vendor(s) means that you can adapt to the changes in stride.

An experienced account manager will guide you through the transition process, regardless of whether you’re switching systems, merging data, customizing features or starting anew.

Leverage Talcura migration and transition services to maximize productivity

While juggling recruitment and other HR responsibilities, there’s nothing worse than having to toggle between multiple systems. Importing data and using Talcura’s change management strategies may streamline and increase what you accomplish each day. The Talcura team can work with you and lend a hand to analyze your data import and transition needs and provide a detailed cost estimate to reflect the needs of your unique HR environment.

Hire Talcura to ensure you adhere to industry best practices

Migrating data can be quite complex but it can save weeks of data entry. Talcura adheres to the Extract – Test and Validate – Go Live (ETL) approach to importing and remapping data.

To import or start anew? That is the question!

When introducing a new recruitment system, only you can decide whether to salvage and transfer your current data. Here are a few questions that may help you decide whether to leverage Talcura or start with a clean slate:

Export your data as required

When you use Talcura recruitment systems, your data remains your own. If ever you decide that you need to use the data stored within Talcura within another system, contact us, and we’ll work with you to find the best way to export the records so that you can use them as desired.


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