Talcura Onboarding

Proven to help increase new employee retention

Using Talcura Onboarding, you can formalize and track the completion of the cross-departmental new hire tasks and responsibilities required to deliver a professional orientation and successful probation period. Through engagement tools, you can answer new hire questions, exchange files, and complete questionnaires, for example, before and after the employee’s first day. The tool enables you and your organization to create the sort of positive first impression that increases new hire retention rates and lowers overall recruitment costs.


Paperless onboarding features for new hires and hiring managers

Many companies leverage Talcura to drive HR improvements that extend beyond recruiting and onboarding process – some also turn to us for website content and design that matches their recruitment marketing strategy.

On-brand interface and content

Change the colour, fonts, images and logo as well as the task lists and content. Create an onboarding experience truly reflective of your company culture. The onboarding module is a blank slate waiting for you to populate it with vibrant, informative content that will benefit your new hires and hiring managers. Create a community, social circle and support network before the new hire even arrives.

Login anytime, anywhere

Rely on Talcura’s automated username and password tools to extend login credentials by email. Exchange critical details securely and confidentially. Enable new hires to prepare for their new jobs and complete paperwork after hours without inconveniencing other employers. Reduce the number of computer and file compatibility issues by providing a web-based service available through smartphone, desktop, laptop or tablet.

User-based task lists

Create tasks for new hires, hiring managers and others using one or more templates. Create task lists based on job type or location. Categorize tasks according to your onboarding process and schedule. Release groups of tasks by date or upon completion of other tasks. Create ad-hoc tasks for new hires, managers or HR users. Use checkmarks to track progress. Ensure the new hire has a workstation, computer, pay cheque and access to the facilities and software he/she needs to do the job on day one.

Integrated communication tools

Automatically send individualized messages to new hires to forge strong relationships and to keep them engaged. Encourage new hires to ask questions of their hiring manager or coworkers to halt first-day jitters by simply posting messages directly on the system.Track and address FAQs head on.

Signature capture

Invite new hires to fill out paperwork related to confidentiality, computers, uniforms, taxes, etc. on, before or after their first day. Tether eSignatures to files to save time and promote a paperless office. Download and save signed forms for addition to your HRIS/HRMS or network drives.

Seamless transition from the recruitment module

Toggle between the Talcura recruitment module and onboarding module without logging in and out. Pass names, dates, job titles, etc. from the recruitment module to onboarding module to offer a more personalized, friendly experience. Save time, emails and data entry!

No software to install, no IT team required

The Talcura suite is offered as software as a service, which means that our software is centrally hosted and managed and offered on a subscription-type basis. All you need is an Internet connection and a browser to log in – Talcura provides all the security, updates, storage and support. The Talcura job page can be integrated into your website, or you can simply provide a link to it. The content and data within the suite remains yours, and you can export it at any time. At every level, Talcura strives to reduce the HR burden so recruiters can focus on high value, strategic tasks.

Retail Case Study

Grand & Toy has been using the Talcura suite for over five years. The Talcura software has become one of their most valuable assets. See how both the HR team and the company are benefiting.

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Business Process Outsourcing Case Study

An international BPO firm embraced Talcura in 2014 to meet their seasonal needs at nearly 100 locations. They’re saving over $30k/year in ATS costs as a result. Read how they’ve customized the tools.

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