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Talcura Talent Acquisition Suite

Whatever your industry – retail, oil & gas, restaurants or beyond – Enterprise talent acquisition software is within reach.

Designed for mobile

Access recruiting and onboarding modules anywhere, on any device. Share jobs across social media platforms.

Designed for teams

Benefit from an intuitive interface that provides visibility and consistency. Track and share progress with all types and levels of stakeholders.

Designed for personalization

Choose from 50 configurable options, filters,extra customizationsand integrated screening tools to fill your vacancies.

Designed for speed

Apply built-in templates, drop-downs, workflows, eSignatures, pluscalendar and email integration to reach the admin finish line faster.

Designed to drive results

BUse reports, metrics and surveys to promote better candidate experiences and employee engagement. Makedata-based decisions.

Designed to last

Develop, adapt and evolve over time. Rely on Talcura’s experience and support to clear hurdles and respond to changing conditions.

Build a continuous talent pipeline.

Reduce time to fill and cost per hire.

Recruitment teams are constantly under pressure and pulled in multiple directions – to reduce cost and turnover, accelerate staffing cadence, increase candidate caliber, demonstrate return on investment, grow with the business…. The list goes on and on.

The Talcura Talent Acquisition Suite is designed to lighten your burden while sourcing, hiring and engaging the talent that drives business performance. Your HR colleagues will love the intuitive, flexible features. Your candidates will love the friendly interface. Your leadership team will love the metrics and money and time saved. Ease the pressure by moving beyond conventional recruiting. Enter the Talcura arena.

Automate the complete talent acquisition process.

Get a unified solution to recruit and onboard.

Whether you are looking for tools to assist with planning, sourcing, screening, applicant tracking, or onboarding, Talcura can provide a stable of resources. Talcura workflows, templates, reports and user groups can be configured to match your organizational model, to serve dozens of locations, several brands, multiple languages and various departments. Once configured or customized, our recruitment software will help you attract and engage with a pool of promising candidates efficiently, while our onboarding software will ensure that your new hires receive the information, tools and support they need to be productive quickly.

Simple pricing. Enterprise support

Get awesome service with our single plan pricing. You receive all benefits.

  • Unlimited hiring manager access
  • Multiple role based access levels
  • Standard implementation in as few as 1 day
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Fully customizable and extendable
  • Hosted at secure cloud environment
  • 24/7/365 customer support

Vertical Capabilities For restaurants

Developed for multi-locations hiring management.

Talcura Talent Hire and Onboard offer a powerful set of features to fully automate the sourcing and hiring process in asingle or restaurant chain environment.

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