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At the heart of the Talent Acquisition Suite is a powerful recruitment software that enables you to source, screen, organize, interview and rank a range of hourly, term, or salaried candidates and manage their respective offer letters and qualification documentation. Supporting an array of scenarios, the tool enables a lone recruiter to methodically build a pre-screened talent pipeline to fill vacancies as they emerge and enables a large recruitment team to successfully execute an intense hiring blitz to address seasonal needs or launch a new location.


One-click job posting and distribution

Send jobs to paid and unpaid job boards in multiple markets simultaneously or in a preferred order. Post to your website, intranet, social media and popular or industry-specific job boards, such as Monster, Workopolis, LinkedIn, Indeed, Eluta, etc. without a hitch. Schedule and prioritize job postings by date, by type, by location. Set publishing and expiry dates or post evergreen ads. No need to farm out advertising — with TalcuraRecruiting, you can manage the entire job distribution process yourself!

Branded career sites,single or multiple brands, blanket coverage

Add a branded careers landing page to your website or your intranet. Add your own logo, fonts, colours, text and graphics without the hassle of engaging a separate web developer. Provide a consistent experience for candidates, employees, site managers and owners/operators.Extend yourrecruitment marketing strategy to the field.

Mobile, responsive career pages

On the front end, let candidates browse your openings and apply while on the go from their phone, laptop, desktop or tablet. On the back-end, let dispersed recruiters and decision-makers collaborate from the office, from home, on the road or from the cottage. With guaranteed up-time of 99.9%, as long as you and your candidates have an Internet connection, you can use the Talcura Recruiting to meet your business and career goals.

Automated, integrated screening

Ask basic screening questions (e.g., languages, legal status) or create custom questionnaires with our built-in wizard. Avail of Talcura’s add-on services to embed assessment, competency and background check tools. Distinguish between internal and external applicants. Use knock-out questions and branching to zero in on the most intriguing applicants. Handle large volumes of applicants with filtering, screening, archiving ranking and flagging features. Share accountability with location managers and general managers. Cultivate a shared, online candidate pool evaluated and screened using the same tools and criteria. Use our advanced search feature to mine your database. Save time in culling resumes and applicants.

Built-in workflows, templates, libraries and approvals

Use process workflows, job libraries, cloning features and document and email templates to promote consistency, ensure quality and save time. Create, submit and approve requisitions and job descriptions/postings. Monitor application activity. Schedule and track interview and assessment completion. Share notes with colleagues. Send status updates at key stages of the process. Issue and track offer documents using templates. View all interactions with a candidate. Increase conformance to standards.

Integrated email templates and calendar

Keep in constant contact with candidates using multilingual, custom, email templates. Book interviews and appointments without switching between applications. Automatically insert name, logo, job title and email signatures. Set job posting begin and end dates. Keep track of training dates and hiring manager deadlines. Track recruitment items and goals centrally so all recruiters can quickly access records.

Create, manage, store and export offer letters, contracts/agreements and qualification documents

Create, upload and store multiple types of offer letter and employment contract templates. Select the appropriate documents and optionally insert dates, compensation, signatures, job titles and the candidate’s name as they spelled it in their application automatically. Ensure all your recruiters are using the same updated template. Track when and who issued each offer letter. Email the documents to the candidate, reduce the need for couriers and stamps and stay within your email size restriction limits.

Reports and analytics

Do global, regional and location/store-based reporting to spur improvements and reach lofty goals. Generate hiring reports (e.g., pipeline, cost per hire, time to fill, reasons for decline), sourcing effectiveness reports (e.g., applications by source, referral traffic by source) and job posting reports (e.g., postings by location, department or HR business partner) based on filters that you select. Export reports to PDF, Excel, Word and CSV format. Engage Talcura to build custom reports.

No software to install, no IT team required

The Talcura suite is offered as software as a service, which means that our software is centrally hosted and managed and offered on a subscription-type basis. All you need is an Internet connection and a browser to log in – Talcura provides all the security, updates, storage and support. The Talcura job page can be integrated into your website, or you can simply provide a link to it. The content and data within the suite remains yours, and you can export it at any time. At every level, Talcura strives to reduce the HR burden so recruiters can focus on high value, strategic tasks.

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