Our Awesome Support Guarantee

Fast, friendly support for Talcura products

Talcura takes great care to provide fast, patient and friendly support to clients and job seekers.
We aim to respond to all help requests within 2 business hours.

Client support throughout the Talcura product lifecycle

Multiple layers of professional Talcura support are included in the price of every client installation.
We fully understand -- and embrace -- our role in empowering your recruitment team.

Implementation support

We understand that you may require extra assistance in configuring and setting up your new recruitment or onboarding module.
Our account managers and technical support experts have direct access to developers to address any issue that you encounter.

On-demand technical support

The core Talcura technical support team is based in North America and ready to answer your questions.

You can email us or create an online technical support ticket from within the Talcura software 24/7/365.

Our telephone support hours are
Monday to Friday
8:00 am to 6:00 pm Eastern

Semi-annual strategic support

Talcura believes in open, ongoing communication. We meet with clients on a semi-annual basis. In these 30- to 60-minute meetings, clients gain access to Talcura subject matter experts and account managers to discuss system performance, results, challenges and upcoming changes.