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Identify, engage, and hire the right talent that drive business performance.

  • Identify and source the right talent

    Posting your jobs to job boards are no longer enough to find the right talent.

    With Talcura, you get a wide range of options to source. You’ll be able to recruit talent from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter along with all your traditional job boards directly from Talcura.

    Market widely and wisely to attract the best talent out there.

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  • Engage with prospective talent better

    Brand your careers better on your website. Setup a Facebook careers page and Twitter channel to get a larger percentage of job seekers to notice and choose from, get your employees to refer more often, show what you are offering with pride.

    Talcura has a set of built-in features to do just that. We’ll help you set them up, and we won’t settle for nothing less than spectacular candidate experience.

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  • Your recruitment team will love it

    Do you know what excites your recruiters? Simple and easy to use tools that don't take away their valuable time.

    With most recruitment platforms, it’s still too hard for recruiters to manage job postings and applicant workflow. Talcura offers an intuitive app that will help your team to be more productive and always aware of “where you are, where you need to be, and what to do next.“

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  • Improve your business performance

    Talent drives growth. Know your recruitment function inside out to reduce turn-over, cost of hire and time-to-fill.

    At Talcura, we know that reports are key. Without the right data, it’s almost impossible to take action on the numbers. If you don't see the data that you want, you simply tell us which objectives matter most to you, and we’ll provide the data to help you improve them.

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Talcura is trusted by successful corporations just like yours.

  • Your recruiters will love our simplicity.

    Showing job applicant list

    Simple uncluttered interface. Clean navigation and yes it doesn't look like you are browsing a database.

  • Seamless distribution to social networks.

    Showing event library details

    Use our now hiring widget to display all or selected jobs on your facebook page. Tweet your jobs and post them on your LinkedIn account.

  • Metrics that matter.

    Showing reporting details

    Talcura gives you all the standard recruiting metrics and more. Simply create new reports by adding fields, grouping, save and share.

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