A modern onboarding system that simplifies your entire employee onboarding process by automating critical functions and strategic activities through one simple unified tool. New hires and managers are connected, informed and empowered to be productive from day one. Talcura Onboarding takes a fresh approach to employee onboarding by eliminating paper work using flexible task sets, workflows, dashboards and a complete set of online portal options.

Talcura Onboarding comes standard with e-sign, documents management, team collaboration and built-in integrations with your HRIS/HRMS systems.

Onboarding Portals

Create an onboarding experience truly reflective of your company culture. The onboarding portal is a blank slate waiting for you to populate it with vibrant, informative content that will benefit your new hires and hiring managers. Create a community, social circle and support network before the new hire even arrives.

Mobile First

Access and take action on onboarding tasks from a smart phone, desktop or tablet. Get notified on relevant deadlines on your mobile devices via push notifications.


Automatically send individualized messages to new hires to forge strong relationships and to keep them engaged. Encourage new hires to ask questions of their hiring manager or coworkers to halt first-day jitters by simply posting messages directly on the system.

Task Templates

Manage all your onboarding tasks for new hires, hiring managers and other stakeholders using custom task templates. Categorize tasks according to your onboarding process and schedule. Release groups of tasks by date or upon completion of other tasks. Create ad-hoc tasks for new hires, managers or HR users.


Invite new hires to fill out forms, attach files and sign documents electronically. Automatically transfer completed documents to your HRIS/HRMS or network drives. Talcura's secure eSignatures functionality provide a convenient way to achieve compliance remotely.


Run automated 30-day, 60-day and 90-day surveys to gain insights into your onboarding program. Constantly measure and improve your onboarding process with an easy-to-use dashboard.

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