10 Onboarding Survey Questions to Ask (and Why)

A good onboarding survey is more important than many companies even realize, so starting to create one today is well worth the time. This list of questions provides a template to quickly put together your next survey and lead you to deeper employee insights.

The Purpose of an Onboarding Survey

The anonymous questions in this type of survey for new hires are designed to analyze how well they’ve found the journey from recruiting to hiring and starting their role at the organization. The questions can refer to events as early as when they first heard about the job opening and as far along as the first few months in the position.

The questions gauge the new employee’s satisfaction with the onboarding process so that HR can improve it. By bettering the process, you can look forward to more employee engagement and potentially a longer probability of staying at the company. Furthermore, sending an automated survey using Talcura’s software shows your employees that you are listening to their opinions and consider their views important.

10 Onboarding Survey Questions

The following questions provide a template to measure how invested employees are and how they feel with the company. You can also gain an idea of how fulfilled they are in their roles.

1.      Why did you want to join the organization?

2.      How much of a challenge is your current position?

3.      How high would you rate your interest in the job?

4.      How happy are you in the role?

5.      Do you see yourself still at the organization in two years from now?

6.      In your opinion, is your present manager making you feel welcome?

7.      Are you receiving helpful feedback on your work?

8.      Are you able to use your strengths fully in the present role?

9.      Has the experience matched your expectations so far?

10.    What is one way that we could improve the onboarding process?

Final Words

It’s important to note that HR professionals will need to tailor the survey questions to the unique company, depending on its size, organization, how formal the onboarding process is, and other factors. By providing surveys automatically at 30, 60, and 90 days into the new hire’s journey, using Talcura’s automated software, companies can gain great insights into the organization.

The automated format makes sending surveys much less time-consuming. Plus, the questions above are great examples of what you could put into the custom survey to get the most insights out of it. Ending the survey with a question about what the company could do better in the onboarding process is a great way to improve the process the next time around. That gets them off on the best foot possible.

Learning new joiners’ perceptions about the organization can strengthen employee engagement and have far-reaching, positive effects. The potential to reduce turnover that can cost a lot of money, not to mention reducing team morale, is powerful. That makes new hire surveys a worthwhile activity for organizations of all sizes.

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