3 Activities to Build Company Culture with a Remote Team

Having a remote workforce with a strong internal culture is possible. It just takes a bit of creativity to get there. Here are three activities to build company culture when your workforce is spread out physically, whether it is a short-term scenario during COVID-19 or the permanent structure of your organization.

Happy Hour Social Activity

A virtual happy hour is a fun idea that a growing number of businesses are embracing to con nect their remote workers over a video platform. The fun activities during this social time can help workers feel a sense of connection and get to know other members of their team better too.

Trivia games like “Two Truths and a Lie” are great ways to get participants guessing random facts about one another and is sure to get the laughs going. The Happy Hour relies heavily on team leaders, who will organize the games in advance and encourage workers to prepare for the activity beforehand as well to help it run smoothly.

Host an Open Mic

Another way to stave off feelings of isolation that often accompany working from home is to start a virtual Open Mic night. In this activity, employees volunteer to showcase their unique talent, such as singing, playing an instrument, or telling jokes.

Most laptops feature a camera, and there are free video conference software options available. Provide a brief guide to staff on how to join the call before it happens to avoid any sign-in issues.

Depending on how well it goes the first time, your team might enjoy having this concert become are gular event. If you want to take it an extra step, you could even invite a professional musician to play privately for the team during the special night’s event.

Build Company Culture with a Remote Workforce

Group Yoga

Employees’ physical and mental health is more important than ever during coronavirus times. Show your support for staff wellness by providing a free fitness activity, such as yoga.

When working from home, it can be easy to forget about taking breaks and staying physically active. Help your employees avoid getting burned out with a group yoga session or another type of exercise. To determine if yoga is a staff favourite or not, send out a survey to your remote team.

In the short survey, ask them to vote on a handful of different fitness options that are doable at home via video conference software. Then, a week before the first class, send out another survey to determine which time is the best for them to meet.

Hire a local yoga guru or another fitness expert to hold the classes. Record each class and upload the videos to a shared online channel so that those who were not able to attend can still participate. The sessions will push your team in a way that can benefit their productivity on the job and be personally satisfying.

Takeaway on Activities to Build Company Culture

Get creative with the activities you plan for your remote workforce and ensure that you regularly ask them for feedback to make changes to improve their experiences as a group. The three suggestions above will help them bond as a team in fun ways to help build your company culture over the long-term.

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