3 Critical Things to Think About Before Your Next Hire

Whether due to a vacancy, a need, a leave of absence, you need to hire a body to fill a position. Not just any body you need someone with the skills to succeed and who fits well with your team. That particular person is harder to find. You also need the right tools and strategies in place to assist you in making the best decision for your business. Human Resource technology has come a long way over the past 20 years and when used correctly it will create efficiencies, streamline procedures and save you money. Way back when technology became mainstream, job boards made their appearance allowing businesses to post electronic advertisements that increased their reach and exposure exponentially. This was generally regarded as a boon to the HR industry and recruitment in general. Job boards marked the beginning of a wave of change, one that continues today. Many company websites now feature a careers section however gone are the clunky electronic job boards of old, they have been replaced with sleek and sexy portals that are fully branded and reflect the company values and most importantly the company culture.  Prior to posting a description for the position available with your company review your careers section of the website through the eyes of a job seeker. Ask yourself if you would be enticed to work there based upon what you see on the webpage. Does communicate your company culture and its people, vision and mission? Many HR Technology Software suites will integrate seamlessly with your website thanks to the evolution away from the passé job board to SaaS (Software as a Service), complete with your branding and assistance in crafting the most attractive and compelling careers section for your business. The cream of the crop HR Tech SaaS providers place much emphasis on design with the end user in mind, that is they are created specifically for HR professionals, the software is consistent across their suite of products, they are intuitive and therefor lessen the learning curve for employees and new users, and they will deliver a great experience making your job easier. Design is but the first aspect, what really counts is the functionality of the software. If the software isn’t making processes simpler and creating efficiencies for your HR team then perhaps it isn’t the right one for your company and you should source others that will meet your needs. Meeting your business recruitment needs also means that the HR technology you are looking at must offer support at every level and at any time. Having tightly designed, functional and supported software in place before you embark of the hiring journey will make the lives of your employees and the job seekers much easier.It’s a simple truth that technology has changed the recruitment landscape but it hasn’t stopped there. Recruitment SaaS lead naturally into Onboarding SaaS provision. Effective and efficient onboarding systems and processes are essential when bringing in new talent. Onboarding software helps the HR team or employee to manage the experience that the new employee has when entering the company and you want that experience to be a positive one as it is vital to employee retention.Hiring is no small task and it pays in the long run to research and invest in the software that will best meet your recruitment and onboarding needs.

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