3 Ways to Attract Top Talent

The recruitment game has changed drastically in the past decade. As a recruiter, you will know that you no longer tend to sift through heaps of multi-page resumés and long-winded cover letters. Instead, the trend is now much more informal and recruiters are spending their time communicating with potential candidates digitally. So, what are the most effective ways you   can attract top talent? Let’s take a look!

  1. NO to Old School

The first thing you need to do is get rid of the traditional mindset when searching for a candidate! You know: the one where you automatically walk over to the filing cabinet. To attract the ideal candidate, you should have a recruitment software at your fingertips that can power your corporate website, and to filter candidates by qualifications and skills. Not only does this help shortlist the top talent available in the industry, but it also saves you loads of time!  

  1. Be Creative

When posting an advertisement, get creative! An eye-catching and unique job posting, along with a question to the candidate regarding the position, will be sure to attract the right person. The relationship between social media (especially LinkedIn) and recruitment has become very strong over the past few years. Social media is an excellent place on which to advertise job postings and also to headhunt top industry talent. Research has actually shown that candidates recruited via social media are more likely to be hired, so this is definitely an avenue to be pursued! And for tips on using social media as a tool check our ebook.

  1. Adopt Technology

In addition to the above, there is technology available that can make recruiting easier and help you to find the  right person for the job. Talent Management tools  can be used from the job posting to hiring, and then onboarding. With a TMS there is easy applicant tracking, pre-employment assessments can be included, and background checks to help ensure that you're bringing high-quality talent into your organization. With recruitment evolving on a continuous basis, it is essential that you remain on top of your game! Learn how we can help you to make you easily attract top talent today!

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