3 Ways to Improve Collaboration with Hiring Managers

A collaborative approach to hiring can and often does result in wins all around but collaboration can sometimes be difficult particularly between recruiters and hiring managers.  There are some things that you can do to help the relationship grow and develop into one that is beneficial to both sides and ensures that the candidates being recruited are suitable for the opportunity and are a good fit within the team. If you are a recruiter and have difficulties working with a hiring manager or a hiring manager having difficulties working with a recruiter, you’ll want to read on for some strategies to heal the broken relationship. As with all relationships, personal and professional, communication is often where the difficulties begin. Whichever side of the coin you’re on take an objective look at the relationship – are you making an effort to clearly communicate your requests and goals? For instance, as a hiring manager you have put together a job description and the skills and competencies required in a candidate to be successful – it sounds great to you but have you ensured that the recruiter has a full understanding of what exactly the job entails beyond that which is written down? It is really important that the recruiter fully understands the position and what to look for in a candidate. Communication that is effective and flows both ways sets the way to developing a truly collaborative working relationship. Another critical component that often stands in the way of a functional collaborative relationship is how the two view themselves, are they two independent people working independently on the same project or are they partners working towards a common goal? When recruiters and hiring managers come to the table as partners instead of independent bodies with separate interests they are able to work more effectively together towards achieving their common goal.  A team approach is what you are striving for. We all have different strengths and work styles - being respectful and mindful of the  other person goes a long way in creating a collaborative environment. When you commit to timelines and the execution of responsibilities and tasks don’t drop the ball! We all know that there’s nothing worse than a team member who isn’t pulling their weight. This holds true in collaborative business relationships as well. It is a must that you do what you have said you would do but to kick it up a notch and improve the relationship issue updates before you are asked, be proactive and forthcoming. Successful collaborative professional partnerships are not formed accidentally - it’s a very intentional process and one in which you must be mindful of effective communication, the emerging partnership and keeping to your word or going above and beyond. Working to strengthen the collaborative relationship almost always starts with improving communication – communication is key.

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