5 Screening Questions You Should Always Ask

Hiring the right person for the job is sometimes not always as easy as it seems. It is all about asking the right questions, assessing the candidate’s body language, non-verbal cues and, of course, your sixth sense about the person. There are, however, 5 screening questions that are vital to every interview to help you decide if the candidate is suitable. Here they are!1. What are your requirements in a job? While this may appear a somewhat generalized question, it gives you an overview as to what the candidate is actually expecting from the company. Things to pay attention include aspects about the role they want, but you are unwilling to (or can’t) provide.2. What do you see as your greatest weakness and how are you addressing this? As the person reveals their weakness, you should be able to assess whether or not you would be able to manage them effectively. The fact that you have asked them how they are working on their weakness shows the candidate that, in your organization, any weakness or obstacle can be overcome.3. Why did you apply for the position? This question is to assess the amount of research the candidate has conducted around your company. A candidate who has not even bothered to research or who cannot describe how they identify with any of your organizational goals or values should be a warning sign. 4. Talk to us a little about your previous position. Gaining insight as to what that previous job entailed is crucial - Here, the candidate will reveal some of their past working experience, their way of doing things and whether or not they are likely to take accountability at your organization. This is also the ideal opportunity to analyze their reason for leaving their previous company.5. What qualities are you looking for in a manager? In order to find out if a potential candidate will fit in with the company, you need to see if they will get along with the person that will be managing them. Listen for specific qualities the potential candidate states as important or not important as far as manager characteristics go. A good clue to see if the candidate is a right fit for your company is hidden within the things they mention as good qualities. If the candidate lists a bunch of things they hate that manager does, you have spotted a big red flag.

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