5 Things High-Performing HR Teams Are Doing Differently

Between the rise of remote and hybrid work and the Great Resignation, things haven't been easy for HR. With so many challenges, it's almost a given that some teams will fall short. However, many teams are adapting in a formidable way, increasing their organizational agility and meeting their hiring goals. Truth is, when people feel fulfilled and comfortable, they tend to be healthier, happier, and more productive at work. But what is the secret of these teams? What are they doing differently?

Since meeting HR goals is now more critical than ever, here are five fundamental differences that characterize a high-performing HR team:

They Invest in Transparency and Equity

Organizations still have an underlying fear of implementing transparency, especially when it comes to matters related to salary or employee benefits. High-performing HR teams know transparency and equity are fundamental for a better employee experience. Hence, these professionals work hard to create motivating and equitable experiences that tap into purpose to strengthen individual, team, and company performance.

They Focus on Diversity and Inclusion

Unconscious bias is a problem HR teams face everywhere. It hinders diversity and makes it harder for some employees to get hired or grow within the company. Knowing so, high-performing HR teams focus on developing hiring processes that work against exclusion and discrimination. Additionally, they work hard to create a culture centered around DEI, with programs, policies, strategies, and practices that implement it as a company's mission.

They Keep Learning and Improving

High-performing teams don't settle. They are curious, eager to explore new possibilities, and adapt based on what they learn each step of the way. When HR teams continually build on their knowledge and learn from past mistakes, they are more effective, efficient, and innovative. This is absolutely fundamental to be aware of new market trends, as well as to know what employees truly want.

They Show Appreciation More Frequently

Everyone wants to feel valued, appreciated, and respected at work. This is something high-performing HR teams know and foster in their daily work, whether it's interviewing candidates or implementing pay-for-performance programs. Complementary, to show appreciation in a way that also motivates team building, they host events, happy hours, volunteer opportunities, and annual retreats, or give awards, recognition programs, and gift cards.

They are Data-Driven and Work with Modern Tools

One of the biggest differentiators that sets high performers apart is how they make their decisions. Nowadays, the best way to do so is by being data-driven. When everything in HR is digital, prioritized, and managed with data, HR teams can show where and how much it directly impacts strategic business goals. Knowing this, high-performing teams always work with the most modern software and tools, in order to streamline their daily tasks - especially the most repetitive ones - and make better decisions.

As you can see, with the proper data, work culture, and a process of continual improvement in place, it is possible to make HR teams prepared to face the challenges of the present and the future. As we mentioned, having the right tools and software is essential to become a high-performing team, which is why we always recommend you schedule a free demo with Talcura. We would be pleased to walk you through our integrated, intuitive, and easy-to-use software to source, select and retain high-quality job candidates!

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