5 Tips To Avoid Employee Turnover During The Holidays

For most companies, December is usually a relaxed time, with a slower and more leisurely pace, uplifted spirits in the office, and holiday parties.

Yet, as January approaches, the environment can be disrupted by seasonal turnover. When the new year hits, your employees will start thinking about their futures and personal goals. Now the question is: will your company be the one they want to be in?

Even though we're entering "the most wonderful time of year", HR teams must roll up their sleeves and prevent employee turnover. Here's how:

Invest in Training and Development

To avoid employee turnover, you should take this month to help your employees identify areas for professional growth. Make it a priority to invest in your workers’ development. Give them time to attend virtual conferences, invite them to take courses to gain new skills, or pay for continuing education. Keep in mind that, nowadays, upskilling your employees is essential, as technology continues to shift how we work and communicate. When people upskill, they gain new abilities as business requirements evolve.

Offer a Better Work-Life Balance

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is not only important for health and relationships, but it can also improve your employee's productivity and overall satisfaction. This holiday season, encourage employees to set boundaries and take their vacation time. Show them you care about their personal lives. 

Optimize for Autonomy

Employees who feel they can act autonomously in their day-to-day work environment tend to perform better and have higher job satisfaction. By enabling your employees to be more independent, you can easily increase their sense of ownership over their work and organizational commitment. There's no one size fits all solution: empower your employees to find out what engages them!

Implement Rewards and Recognition Systems

Every employee wants to feel appreciated for the work they do. And in today’s business world, an employer’s gratitude can make a significant impact on how the teams feel about their roles and mission within the company. So be sure to thank the employees who go the extra mile and explain how their hard work helps the organization. You can, for instance, set up formal rewards systems to incentivize great work and innovation.

Celebrate your Mission

The start of a new year is a great time to reconnect with your company’s mission and reflect: Who do you serve and how can you better support them? What could be improved? How satisfied and integrated are your employees in your company’s mission? This month, promote and celebrate your company’s unique culture, not only across your website, social media platforms, and while recruiting - but mainly amongst your employees. They are the real ambassadors of your mission.


Employees often think about new opportunities at the end of the calendar year. But even though you might feel worried, keep in mind that seasonal turnover isn’t completely out of your control. It’s one piece of an organizational puzzle, and with the right engagement strategies, it can be one less worry for your organization and one more competitive advantage!

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