5 Trends in HR Tech to Watch for in the New Year

In 2021, what can you expect for HR technology? As things are always in flux, so too is the tech industry. Find out the latest trends to keep your human resources team at its best.

1.      Remote Work Tools

With so many people working remotely during coronavirus times, the need for tools that fit within this type of workforce is higher than ever. Automated software from Talcura enables fast communication between HR professionals and new hires, as well as improving recruitment efforts.

Also, consider tools for managing and storing invoices, as well as creating an online rewards system to show employee appreciation. Managing tasks is easier when the HR team uses the same software, too, accessing it from their homes or on the go any time of the day.

2.      Digital Learning

Human resources teams are not often in the same room for training purposes anymore due to health and safety concerns relating to COVID-19. But that does not need to hold back your employees from learning more to be at their best at work.

A growing number of courses are available online, and more promise to come in 2021. Online education helps established employees, new hires, and those who want to join your organization. Plus, many virtual tools are now customizable for a highly personalized experience.

3.      Tap into the Gig Economy

If your organization is looking to fill jobs over the short-term or invest in contractors to fill specialized positions, the gig economy can provide a great solution. To get the most out of these gig economy workers, you must keep track of costs and people analytics.

Advanced software exists to allow you to get the latest figures. Also, make use of scheduling tools specifically for your gig workers.

4.      Boost Company Culture

While you might not think this one belongs on a tech trends list, hear us out. Technological tools today can help you improve company culture to motivate staff, which can improve productivity. All of which makes you closer to meeting revenue goals for 2021.

Company culture tools that have their basis in technology have the potential to improve employee retention. That is because you are creating a positive working environment, both for those who work remotely and in-office.

5.      Tech to Reduce Hiring Discrimination

With growing support for equal hiring practices, and rightly so, the trend for technological innovations that combat hiring discrimination is clear. Diversity and inclusion were already a focus for many HR professionals in 2020, and it promises to be more so in the New Year.

Both HR and management must follow through with plans to improve hiring practices, including fair compensation. Only then can equality be the outcome. While unconscious bias is hard to eliminate, many tools exist to reduce the effects of hiring discrimination.

Staying Up to Date on HR Tech Trends

You and your human resources department must stay current on advancements in technology in 2021. Being able to adapt and do well in a changing landscape puts your business in a position to do well in the New Year and beyond.

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