6 Secrets To Attract Talent To Your Enterprise

Nowadays, talent acquisition is among the biggest challenges human resources face. As more organizations embrace remote and hybrid work arrangements, the available workforce has expanded. While this means businesses can tap into a global network of talent, it also means the competition is heating up. So how can you attract talent to your enterprise in this competitive scenario?


The first step to attracting and retaining quality hires is to take a closer look at your current approach to hiring. If you feel like the questions and processes you're using don't give you the results you're after, it's time to upgrade your strategy. We will share with you a few secrets that will help you attract top talent: 

#1. Offer Flexibility

Promising autonomy and flexibility attract promising candidates. Keep in mind that today's job market is a jungle, and top candidates have plenty of work options. Show them you can adapt to their unique needs and work preferences as no other employer can, and you'll have a competitive advantage. And if you want to take it a step further, you can offer particular benefits for remote workers, which can include online health memberships or reimbursements for local co-working spaces.

#2. Make The Application Process Uncomplicated

Nothing makes candidates walk away faster than a complicated job application process. Like it or not, today's job seekers demand simple applications. If your applications are too long and complex, candidates won't hesitate to consider other opportunities instead. Our advice? Make your application process fast and effective, including, for example, an initial psychometric assessment followed by an interview with the candidate. 

#3. And Mobile-Friendly!

Nowadays, 9 out of 10 job seekers conduct their search from their smartphones, and 70% of jobseekers want to apply to jobs directly from their phones. As such, we strongly recommend having a special career page with a responsive design and a mobile-enabled application process. 

#4. Keep Candidates Informed At Every Step

Whether the candidate has the right skills for the job or not, always keep them informed about their application status. Engaging with candidates leads to a positive experience, which makes top talent feel more attracted to your company. This is also a great strategy to show your corporate values and strengthen your brand. 

#5. Celebrate Your Values

Your organization has unique values that set it apart from other companies, and this is something you should celebrate and embed in the hiring process. Doing so will allow future employees to see if your organization is somewhere they could feel a sense of belonging and add meaningful value. 

#6. Seek For Diversity

Have you ever thought about growing your team with people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds? If not, this is your opportunity to do so! Seeking candidates outside your typical "comfort zone" will prompt your company to gain new perspectives and develop better solutions to business challenges. A diverse workforce is always a great plus!


Surviving and thriving in today’s job market can be quite stressful for recruiters, who constantly need to assess the market to meet its needs and keep up with new trends. As such, if you’re currently trying to attract top talent, having the right HR software is key to succeed. At Talcura, we have the most comprehensive services and tools for HR professionals, designed to help attract, hire and onboard new talent. Schedule a free demo and learn more about our customizable solutions!

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