6 Ways Recruitment Software Improves Hiring

A fast and efficient hiring process is vital for company growth. But growth brings new challenges such as large-volume hiring.  Quality recruitment software helps your HR team manage applications, communicate with candidates and perform other tasks that would otherwise seem overwhelming. Below are 6 ways that recruitment software improves hiring.


1. Shorter Hiring Times


In a competitive job market, a fast, streamlined hiring process is an advantage. Recruitment software can simultaneously accomplish a variety of hiring tasks, such as posting jobs to job boards, updating applicant status and scheduling interviews. You can target industry-specific job boards in multiple markets and create an application portal that candidates can access from any device. The easier it is for candidates to find you and apply for jobs, the less likely you are to lose them to competitors.


2. Centralized Hiring Process


Recruitment software such as Talcura provides a centralized hiring process to keep recruiters, managers and relevant departments on the same page. For example, HR can monitor applicant activity for any department. They can communicate with applicants and schedule interviews all from the same platform. A centralized hiring process saves time and lets your company track applicant progress.


3. Customized Screening


Asking the right questions is a key part of the hiring process. Quality recruitment software lets HR customize screening questions and assessments. Background checks, filtering and flagging tools help your HR team focus on the most suitable candidates. Customized screening lets your company handle large-volume hires quickly and confidently.


4. Efficient Internal Communication


Besides monitoring candidate progress, your HR team must be able to efficiently communicate with relevant department managers. They may want a manager to look at a candidate’s resume or participate in a candidate interview. Recruitment software lets HR team members and department managers collaborate and share notes during the hiring process.


5. Improved Candidate Experience


A smooth hiring process can mean the difference between a candidate accepting or turning down a job offer. Your company should make a great first impression with every candidate, whether or not you hire them. From customized career pages to quick answers to questions, recruitment software helps improve candidate experience.


A positive application experience can also boost your company’s reputation. A candidate who is impressed with your seamless hiring process is more likely to post a positive online review of your company.


6. Insights and Analytics


HR managers need data to help them make informed decisions about recruitment and hiring processes. Recruitment software that provides insights and analytics can help your company reach its hiring goals. For example, is your HR team looking for the most effective sourcing methods? A report can analyze the effectiveness of job fairs, referrals and other sourcing methods. Are you spending more money than you would like on recruitment? A cost-per-hire report can help HR develop a more cost-effective hiring process.  


Choose a Quality Recruitment Software


The right software provides tools that your HR team needs to help your company grow. A centralized, seamless hiring system helps HR create an efficient hiring process and a positive candidate experience.

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