6 Ways To Reward Your Employees This Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas… and what better way to celebrate than to think of creative ways to reward your employees for their work and dedication?Christmas is the perfect time to show appreciation for your employees' efforts over the past 12 months and make everyone feel like the year ended on a positive note.

So if you're struggling to think of ways to keep your company celebrations fresh, in this article we'll suggest six ways for you to reward your employees this Christmas. 

1. Flexible schedule during Christmas time

Although many companies are already embracing remote and hybrid working, there is another step you can take towards flexible working: you can provide your employees with flexibility around the hours they work over this festive season. That will be a generous gesture that will impact your organization with limited disruption in the short term.

Whether your people need to work late in exchange for a longer lunch or finish early to do some Christmas shopping, let them set the pace in December.

2. An extra day off

Christmas time always gets busy. As such, one of the best ways you can reward your employees is to give them some extra time to tick those things off the to-do list! One day off or even a free afternoon can make a big difference during the holidays! Plus, giving your employees the luxury of extra time off, over and above their usual holiday allowance, can be really good for both morale and well-being.

3. Bump up the Christmas bonus

Needless to say, budgeting for generous Christmas bonuses will always be well-received. Just make sure you create a tiered system for bonuses according to seniority or performance (in case you don’t want to give everyone the same). And, most importantly, make sure everyone is included, so no one feels left out.

4. Gifts

If you want to give something tangible and useful, a Fitbit or a yoga mat and a glass water bottle could be a pleasant gift. As an alternative, pre-paid cards, e-cards, or gift vouchers can work too – and it can be a great way to include your employee’s family in the gift. Digital gifts can also be a good option, especially if your team works remotely.

5. Support the community

Most companies have a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and Christmas is the perfect time to do your bit! You can invite your employees to attend a charitable event and then go for a Christmas lunch, or give your staff paid time off to attend a charitable cause they’re passionate about. As a final touch, have a giving tree in the office where employees can put presents for those less fortunate - this is a great way to foster team spirit and show how much you care about your community.

6. Just celebrate!

Who doesn't enjoy a fun party? Hosting an office party can be a wonderful way for you to say "thank you", and also for your workforce to reconnect with each other. You can host a small lunchtime affair, a night at a local restaurant, a themed party, or simply a joint Christmas lunch with traditional hats and crackers in your work canteen. The options are endless!


Even though not everyone celebrates Christmas, it makes sense to recognize and reward your employees at this time of year. After all, it’s a  milestone that represents the end of a long, bustling year, usually a bit of a break from work – and the perfect time to make your staff feel appreciated!

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