Artificial Intelligence and HR Recruiting

Have you recently ordered a pizza online or submitted a complaint or question about a product or service? If you have there’s a good chance that you have interacted with a chatbot and perhaps without even knowing that the ‘person’ on the other end isn’t a person at all! AI technology is growing tremendously right now and its applications are increasing exponentially as well.

What is a Chatbot?

Specifically a chatbot is specially programmed software that strives to mimic human interaction in the online world. Chatbots function by seeking out patterns in data, ‘learning’ from the data and applying solutions.

AI Chatbots and Recruiting

Chatbot software is extremely useful in the human resources sector. Job seekers often complain that inadequate communication with the potential employer is frustrating and may negatively impact their decision to continue with the recruitment process. This occurs especially in high-volume recruitment campaigns where it may be impossible for a recruiter to personally reach out to every candidate. Chatbots are particularly helpful in the beginning stages of the recruitment process.

A chatbot can:

● Collect contact information

● initiate pre-screening questions

● Schedule interviews with prospects

● Respond to frequently asked questions

Once all this information is captured the AI chatbot is configured to filter directly into the applicant tracking system being used or sent to a recruiter for follow up.

To say that using a chatbot for recruitment is a timesaver would be an understatement at best and is certainly something that is worth considering for your business to increase efficiencies within the recruitment process without increasing the workload of recruitment professionals. AI is not perfect yet and it does well to understand that the human-to-human interaction can not be eliminated entirely but as AI technology continues to be researched and tested there may well come a day when a chatbot will handle much of the recruitment process.

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