Building a DEI Strategy in 2022

DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) has become an important topic in workplaces worldwide, and rightfully so. Creating meaningful change over the long term, in light of those who have been marginalized and disadvantaged for so long, is a responsibility that workplaces must take seriously.

For a Healthy Work Environment

A successful workplace in 2022 and beyond must include underrepresented persons in training and development opportunities. Including people of diverse backgrounds in upskilling and related initiatives for their job security and personal fulfillment is a necessary part of a DEI strategy.

They also must have the same chances for promotions. Providing DEI-friendly initiatives enables each employee to have the same opportunities to thrive at work.

How your organization responds to DEI in the New Year will define your brand.

Flexible Learning Programs for Remote Workers

The pandemic has brought many changes to the workplace, including the transition to remote work. Some organizations have a fully remote employee base, while others are partially remote (some workers are remote, while others are not) or hybrid (working part-time in the office and part-time at home).

More than half of employees (78%) prefer working from home at least two days a week, as per a global survey from McKinsey. This finding illustrates that people are rethinking where they want to work, especially after going through the tough times brought on by the coronavirus.

For organizations, it makes sense to keep this finding in mind for learning and development. Remote work provides less risk of spreading COVID-19, and less travel time for employees, and does not require renting a physical office space.

Evaluating which positions can work and train at home and which employees it makes sense to have on-site are important decisions to make in 2022. Another way to integrate DEI practices into decisions is by ensuring all employees have equal access to the technology they need to work effectively.

The DEI Journey: It Takes Time

If your organization has lost employees due to perceived DEI shortfalls, it is essential to implement changes that address unconscious biases and other issues. Losing talented people and being less competitive in your industry results from lack of diversity.

Technological solutions can solve some challenges in recruitment and hiring by providing an automated evaluation of candidates based on objective criteria. A tech-oriented approach that includes Talcura’s recruiting software can go a long way toward diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

As you implement changes, recognize that it takes time to see the results of a new DEI strategy. Creating a healthier organization does not happen quickly. Instead, it involves a cohesive plan with thoughtful execution.

Finally, the strategy needs to update as the new normal continues to unveil. Including DEI practices involves creating policies to protect the health and safety of staff, and potentially providing time-off policies for those who must care for loved ones with the coronavirus.

A Few Last Words on Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

Finding the best candidate for a job opening and creating an immersive organization hinges on your DEI efforts. Are you doing all you can to support your business and its team members?

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