Does Tech Replace Jobs or Improve Them?

There’s no doubt that technological advancement has changed the business landscape in virtually every sector, but the need for the right people to fill vacancies has remained constant. The job market is more competitive now, and that may be in part because of technological advance ments but by and large technology is improving jobs rather than replacing them.

The Human Resources area is one example of where technological advancement hasn’t replaced jobs but has assisted greatly in creating efficiencies by streamlining and automating processes. Less time wasted means that productivity increase because attention can be turned to other tasks. Technology is increasingly playing a greater role in assisting HR personnel in selecting not only the best candidate for the job but also the one who is a good fit overall within the company. Technology and HR go well together but the human element is vital, and technology hasn’t yet reached the point where it can understand the human motivations and it likely never will.

Some industries have not fared so well and there have been job losses due to the technological growth and automation that continues to evolve but that doesn’t necessarily mean that jobs are being lost to the technology.  It’s more likely that job shave become more specialized requiring unique and diversified skill sets. We need people to create technology and continue the growth and development, and we also need people to operate and oversee all that the technology is enablingus to accomplish. New jobs are often generated as a result of technological advancement rather than being lost because of it.

 A skilled and loyal workforce is still a company's greatest asset, and technology can and should be used to complement and enhance recruitment efforts. Together, with Talcura Technologies we can help you stay on top of recruiting the crème de la crème, while ensuring that all the needs of the applicants are met while reinforcing your brand and much more with our leading-edge applicant tracking system, onboarding software, and the entire kit and caboodle with our Talent Acquisition Suite. Technology is changing the way business is conducted but diverse and talented people are the most important resources and that won’t change for a very long time. 

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