Employee Appreciation Day: How to Celebrate Your Team

On the first Friday in March each year, companies honor staff on Employee Appreciation Day. This year, the special day lands on March 4th. It’s a time to show your team how valuable they are. Some of the activities you might plan are a lunch together, giving out gift cards, and distributing care packages. But it’s important to recognize that limiting your celebration to one day isn’t enough.

Spreading Appreciation Throughout the Year

While Employee Appreciation Day is a start when it comes to showing appreciation to employees, it is by no means the end. If you only say thanks in one of the 365 days of the year, it may come across as insincere.

Instead, a more organic and genuine approach is to celebrate employee achievements as they happen, no matter what month or day it is. Recognizing their hard work will help them feel recognized and that they are making a difference in the organization.

Now that you’re excited to celebrate your team on Employee Appreciation Day and every other day, here are some ways to do so:

Go Public with Your Thanks

Rather than just keeping the recognition within the organization, why not celebrate employee wins on a bigger scale? Say thanks on social media, for example, to recognize those who are making a difference on your team.

Be Unique in Your Efforts

Each person has different interests, so why not express your appreciation to each one in a way that means something to them? If you’re unsure what a certain person would like, ask their peers about their favorite hobbies and interests.

Host a Team Outing

Get out of the office and have an in-person activity to have fun and build connections. Provide prizes to the winners to get more interest. As for the type of group outing, it could be an art class, scavenger hunt, escape room challenge, or something else enjoyable.

Bolster Continued Education

Help employees along their career path in the organization by providing opportunities for growth. That might mean helping to pay for a class at a local university or encouraging them to attend a lecture related to their job. Knowing they have room to grow can help employees feel good about staying on at your organization rather than looking for employment elsewhere.

Offer a Day Off

Throughout the year, offer employees an extra day off. It might be a total surprise or one they can plan to take far in advance. This day off offers your talented workers time for self-care and rejuvenation. They will return to the office full of enthusiasm.

Showing Appreciation All Year

Exactly how you show your team appreciation will depend on what fits your company culture. Combine activities to positively impact employee happiness, improve retention, and provide other benefits.

Be sure to mark Employee Appreciation Day on your calendar this year and plan precisely how to show your team how much they mean to the organization. Carry the celebrations through not only the week but also year-round!

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