Expectations VS Reality in Employee Onboarding

Discover the utmost importance of organizational socialization, and how it can improve your business.

Employee Onboarding is a vital process. It allows recently hired employees to familiarize with their new environment. This might

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include getting to know the company culture, as well as obtaining the skills and mindset to become true members of the team. The process is essential, as you can imagine, but it isn’t always smooth sailing. Because companies are made of people, and not numbers, there is an increasing awareness in terms of onboarding tactics. Keep reading to learn more about expectations, versus the reality of most employee onboarding scenarios! Also known as “organizational socialization,” onboarding is becoming increasingly relevant. Naturally, a company’s aim is to speed up the process, leading to new employees to become fully functional, well-integrated team members as soon as possible. In order to achieve that, businesses adopt a wide variety of strategies. Tactics might include meetings, lectures, and

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seminars, as well as other traditional content, such as orientation videos or printed leaflets. Having said that, other companies prefer a more modern approach. Modern employee socialization strategies including bonding experiences between employees, as we as a more laid-back professional environment. Onboarding is very important. it has been shown that companies with good organizational socialization rates are more productive, with members who aren’t as affected by occupational stress and communication issues. However, the reality of onboarding is that it is always somewhat of a struggle, at least during the early steps of the process. Individuals respond to onboarding differently, and it is always important to take every personal experience into account, avoiding a cookie-cutter approach. Remember that people are at the core of your business!

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