Five Ways to Attract Gen Z Talent

If you are a forward-looking recruiter then you likely already know that you should be planning for the next generation that are about to take the world by storm. Generation Z. Coming in on the heels of the Millennials it is very important to not make the mistake in thinking that these generations are similar. By far the largest defining feature of Gen Z is the fact that they have grown up immersed in technology. This generation has never known the days of slow internet and bulky cellular phones.

What can you do now to prepare for and attract thisemerging group of talent?

Social Responsibility

This became a focus with the Millennials and is only gaining in strength and momentum with Gen Z. They really do want a hand in making this world a better place and will actively seek out companies that are doing just that. Highlighting what your business does to make the world a better place will attract Gen Z talent.

Ways to Attract Gen Z Talent

Opportunities for Career Growth

This bunch will be on the lookout for companies that will offer many opportunities for growth, both professionally and personally. Ensuring that  your business offers opportunities for growth will attract this upcoming generation.

Money Motivates

Competitive salaries have always been a motivator but it’s a really strong one with Gen Z. They have witnessed their parents lose jobs and experience financial hardship and they most certainly desire security in their lives, they are willing to work for it too but money talks and this group will definitely be listening.

Technology Savvy

Is your business keeping pace with technology? If you want to attract Gen Z top talent your business needs to be cutting edge. Online videos have never been so popular and this group are heavy users. Showcasing your company through the use of video will become more and more important.

Entrepreneurial Spirits

Gen Z are entrepreneurs at heart. We can speculate as to the reasons why but it may strongly correlate to bearing witness to their parents struggles. The entrepreneurial spirit craves independence and freethinking. Providing a safe space for the free exchange of ideas will entice the Gen Z talent and will make them feel that their ideas are heard and are important.

Exciting changes are ahead as the Gen Z demographic enters the workforce, readying your business now will pay off in the long run.

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