High Volume Recruiting Tactics for 2021

When you want to hire the best talent in high-volume recruiting on a large scale, how do you go about it? High-volume recruiters often have a placement goal of a certain number of candidates per day, and all of them need identifying and interviewing before they are hired and onboarded. With so much on your plate already in HR, getting this done efficiently can be a challenge. In this article, we will share some tips to help you reach your recruiting goals for 2021.

Start on the Right Foot


Begin by having a plan to reach the number of candidates set for the current recruiting campaign. Doing so will make your day easier and ensure you stay on track and maximize your time as a busy HR professional.


Rather than only looking at only traditional recruiting methods, such as job boards, the 2021approach requires outside-of-the-box thinking. That is especially true when you are operating at a high-volume.


That is not to say that job boards and unemployment office postings are not important. Those approaches can still attract great talent, but conducting research at the start will introduce you to other valuable avenues of reaching top talent.


This research will help you to know precisely what you want, understand which geographical are as to reach out to, and see where you can fill the gaps in competitors’ recruiting campaigns. Be sure to ask employees for referrals, too, as that can dramatically speed up the hiring process.

Make Use of Automation


To improve the efficiency of your high-volume activities, use automation where appropriate. An innovative recruiting tool is Talcura’s Acquisition Suite. It enables HR professionals to source, screen, and carry out hiring practices with ease. The software is easy for organizations to customize to create a smooth pipeline for both candidates and the HR team.


Automation like this saves time, centralizes the process to make communication and updates more accessible, and helps you reach goals. When you have large-scale hiring to do, automated resume screening can make the applicant evaluation process effortless and free up the human resources team for other tasks.


With hundreds of resumes to screen, automation makes sense because it can efficiently handle large data sets. Plus, organizations can reduce their hire time versus manually screening each resume.

Use Metrics to Improve Where Possible


High-volume hiring campaigns require that HR departments maximize their time and spend. This fact means that recruiting metrics are vital for understanding where to make improvements.


For success, your strategy must use advertising spend as wisely as possible. That means knowing which sources provide the most return on ad money. It could be job boards or somewhere completely different. Use the metrics to invest in sources that attract quality candidates and reduce spending in those areas that aren’t giving you the expected return.

Meeting the Challenges of High-Volume Recruiting


Using the strategies mentioned above in 2021 can make for an effective hiring process on a large scale. It involves increasing the number of applicants and hiring the best ones, all without sacrificing the quality of the recruiting process.

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