How To Hire The Best Seasonal Employees

Does your business depend on summer customers? Or are you flat-out over Christmas? Follow this how-to guide on getting ahead of the rush and discover how to hire the best seasonal employees!

It can be difficult to find reliable and trustworthy seasonal workers. However, there are a few strategies for employers to hire the best quality workers every busy season.

The Problem

It’s common for companies to hire seasonal workers during summertime, holidays and harvest seasons. In fact, industries such as retail, hospitality, tourism, agriculture, and construction depend on seasonal labor.

For large companies, the hiring process of seasonal workers is simple. They have the funds and the resources to advertise for the position and go through the recruitment procedure. This can also be easier for businesses in urban areas, where seasonal workers are more commonly found. So, what can small businesses do when it comes to seasonal hire?

Suggested Solutions

how to hire the best seasonal employees

Finding a group of hourly workers for the season can be a long and difficult process. Keep in mind that all the other companies and small businesses will also look for the best seasonal talent. You need to attract good workers to your business, and potential candidates are interviewing you as much as you are interviewing them. Start the search early and be clear to applicants about what makes your professional community standout above the others. It’s time to brush up on those sales skills and sell the position to the candidate!


Have you consistently hired the same employee every season? Are they great team players? Ask them for referrals. Most likely, they will know a couple of people they can recommend. A current employee will understand the company culture, and know what kind of person would succeed there. Their reputation is at stake, so they might recommend someone they trust and would fit-in well.

Students On Break

Students that have returned home for the holidays are a great source of talent. They can bring in new energy to the business and are usually open to developing a good relationship with a company based in their hometown. However, the onus to attract these valuable workers to vacant positions is on the company. Students are eager to learn new skills and develop their resume, so they look for exciting seasonal work opportunities to learn and create new connections.

Work environments.  It’s important to cultivate a positive and enriching culture. A seasonal worker needs to enjoy the working environment and feel like a valued part of the team. If this happens, the worker will most likely want return the following year, and bring 100% to the table. Additionally, workers will also suggest your company to other skilled seasonal workers they know. Creating a safe and warm workplace is one of the most effective hiring strategies. Make sure to keep an eye out for great candidates that may have the potential to become full-time hires!

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