How Gamification Can Improve Human Resources

Using gamification to motivate customers has long been a useful sales tactic for organizations as it promotes motivation and engagement. More recently, HR departments have begun to employ gamification strategies internally to achieve several benefits. Below are key advantages of using this HR trend.

What is Gamification?

Gamification refers to game-thinking in non-gaming environments, such as the workplace. Its goal is to improve user engagement and overcome obstacles.

It works effectively by bringing out the competitive spirit in people. The feeling of achievement that comes with winning a video game is a powerful emotion that can be useful in other realms.

Specifically, human resources teams can use gamification to boost talent acquisition, as well as improving employee training and motivation.

Game-Based Techniques to Bolster the Hiring Process

Gamification can provide a way to reward prospects for completing steps in the recruitment process. Rewards can include sending candidates an automated yet genuine thank-you message for completing an online job application using Talcura’s customizable software.

Human resources professionals can also reward employees for referring top talent to the organization by providing them with a title, such as “Top Referring Employee of 2020.” You might choose to give this individual a trophy or another reward. Encouraging employees outside of the HR department to help attract talent can relieve some of the weight on the shoulders of the HR team.

Make the Onboarding Process More Exciting

Filling out administrative forms and learning policies are not typically the most interesting thing for new employees. However, this process can become one they are much more enthusiastic about when you gamify the onboarding process.

Digitize the information and put new hires into teams, then provide each one with an online profile to answer and complete the required steps. Also, improve their collaborative spirit by sending teams pre-written questions and requiring each team member answer them to move onto the next step. The winning team will receive an employee benefit of your choosing.

Strengthen Mandatory Training Programs

For training your organization requires of employees, such as harassment training, you might find new workers express little motivation to complete it. That is likely because they do not see how it applies to their job.

To help raise their enthusiasm, offer new hires rewards for each training session that they complete within a reasonable time. Doing so will save your HR team from having to remind staff to complete mandatory training tasks.

Final Words: Is Gamification Tricking Employees?

At first glance, you might assume that gamifying experiences is an attempt by organizations to fool workers into doing certain activities. However, that perception is inaccurate.

Instead, gamification is the solution to unmotivated employees, which is one of the top problems of managers today. By adding a competitive element to processes that are already required of employees, you are increasing their motivation to improve annual revenue for your organization.

Tapping into inner motivation using game-based strategies can provide organizations with the type of employee behavior that boosts efficiency. That can lead to more satisfied workers that remain with the company longer, thereby providing a great return on investment.

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