How to Create Inclusive Job Postings

Are you unintentionally leaving out certain candidates from company job postings? Unfortunately, some job hunters feel excluded from job descriptions, which can lead to a lack of diversity in your organization. This topic is not only about addressing racial diversity; it can also include minorities like women and those who have disabilities. Here are some great tips to help your HR team include all, rather than overlooking some groups of people when creating job postings.

Avoid Acronyms

While you might think everyone knows what an acronym stands for, that’s not always true. It could be that the right candidate skips applying for your vacancy because they don’t understand one of the terms used and think they won’t fit in. Instead, include in the job description what are ultimately the most important things: Their responsibilities and skills.

Use Correct Pronouns

Rather than writing “he” or “she” in the job posting, use gender-neutral pronouns. For example, “they,” is inclusive as it is not feminized or masculinized. When you create an environment where applicants and employees both feel the employer encourages them to be their complete selves in the workplace, then the entire company can benefit from it.

Likewise, avoid gendered words like “ninja” or “rock star.” These words can be off-putting for those who feel they won’t fit into that environment. Instead, replace the terms with titles that explain the position easily, such as “programmer.”

Inclusive Job Postings

Be Concise

Another reason why some people might avoid filling out the job application is that they see a huge amount ofrespon sibilities. If a candidate doesn’t meet everything on the list, they might bypass your ad.

For instance, women are not likely to apply if they don’t meet all the criteria, while men would apply if they only meet 60percent of the requirements. Thus, get straight to the point and list only the essentials to create a more gender-inclusive job posting.

Include an EEO Statement

Having a listed Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) statement within the job posting is also helpful. Stating that your organization acts in ways that support equal employment is vital, but even more important is to include in the statement how you are doing so. For example, you might say that your commitment to inclusiveness is reflectedin your branded content.

Embracing Inclusive Hiring Practices

For your HR team, hiring more diverse talent begins with having job descriptions that are inclusive. The tips above can help you do so.

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Take the time today to go through your current job postings to see which ones can benefit from a few changes to make them more inclusive and demonstrate how your company is an equal employer. These updates are part of many changes necessary to increase workplace diversity. Putting inclusion strategies into motion can begin today, if you have not already begun to do so.

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