How To Empower Your Company’s Managers

Since the pandemic hit, the world of work has changed dramatically. Many companies worldwide have decided to move to hybrid or remote working models and with that, workers' needs and priorities have changed. In this scenario, managers need to take a more active role in developing a healthy and stimulating work culture, just as in protecting their employee's well-being.

Considering that managers have become the main point of contact for employees, especially in hybrid and remote situations, it is extremely important to empower them. Take a look at some of the actions you can carry out to make your managers feel more autonomous, valued, and empowered:


The Right Tools And Tech

With so much responsibility on their shoulders, managers must be empowered to perform their roles effectively. Empowered managers motivate their teams and drive performance, employee satisfaction, and retention. But managers can't do this alone - you must provide them with the training, autonomy, and tools they need to manage their teams. For example, having an automated performance management system to help managers track their team's performance and achievements can be key.

Time To Connect With Their Teams

Whether working remote, hybrid, or onsite, managers are responsible for ensuring that each team member feels supported. As such, you must provide your managers with enough time and tools for them to connect with their teams. 1-on-1 meetings, for example, should always be encouraged, as it allows for the manager and employee to get to know each other on a personal level and designate a time to discuss current projects and provide feedback.


More Autonomy

Empowering managers also means giving them permission to take action and make decisions that positively impact their teams - and, consequently, the company goals. Show them that they are trusted. Communicate your vision and purpose with transparency and empathy, and you’re on your way to more autonomous teams!


More Flexibility

Managers who have flexibility in their day-to-day are more capable of assessing the needs of employees and providing feedback, guidance, and recognition to optimize performance. Allow your managers to adjust their schedules and delegate routine tasks so that they can properly focus on managing their teams and reaching the company’s priorities.


Opportunities To Grow

When managers are people leaders, they recognize that the opportunities for improvement are endless, both for themselves and others. As such, you must give them growth opportunities and inspire them to motivate their teams in a personalized way. For example, you can authorize your managers to offer incentives, micro bonuses, or even gift cards or vouchers to their team members. These not only make employees feel appreciated, but also encourage them to work harder.


Empowering managers is essential for growing a sustainable and successful business. For this reason, managers must be given the right tools and associated flexibility to motivate their teams. To simplify their daily tasks, having the right tools is essential, and this is something that Talcura can help with. If you’re searching for the most comprehensive services and software for your managers, schedule a free demo today and learn more about our customizable solutions!

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