How to Welcome a New Hire on Your Remote Team

Starting a new team member on the right footing can go far toward keeping them satisfied on the job and loyal to the organization, especially when they work remotely. A successful start for the fresh face includes building new relationships, learning systems, and getting to know the workplace culture. So, how do you welcome them effectively from afar?

Use Technology to Form Connections

While face-to-face meetings aren’t usually possible during the pandemic, video conferencing technology enables you to have virtual meetings. This can be a terrific way to introduce the new hire to co-workers during the first week and interact with HR.

The main advantages of the video include making eye contact and observing body language while people are speaking. A sense of intimacy comes from this format, as does greater clarification of what is being said. While the tone of emails can be misconstrued, that is less likely to happen with video.

Also, tech provides a great way to check in with new hires who might otherwise feel isolated working from home. It is simpler than ever to do so with Talcura’s Onboarding software.

This software uses automation to help the HR department easily get in touch with those new to the organization, before, during, and after their first day. Provide them with the support they need and appreciate, which helps you retain them longer.

Go Over Expectations

Make sure that the worker understands what is expected of them in the new role. Doing so will help them perform better because they will realize what managers want from them individually and as a team.

It is essential for HR professionals not to stop the conversation there, though. Take the time to ask the employee whether they understand the expectations and if anything needs clarification.

Only once they feel confident in what they need to do to succeed within the business will they begin to meet the goals. Wrap up the virtual meeting by sharing how they can reach you if they have questions in the future.

Determine What Works Well and What Needs Improvement

Finally, evaluate what is working well with the remote onboarding process and what could use a tweak or two. If you’re unsure about what needs improving, ask each new hire to fill out a questionnaire regarding the experience.

By documenting and assessing the onboarding process, HR professionals can improve the onboarding experience for future hires. Determine what adds comfort to their journey and what misses the mark, based on the questionnaire answers.

Concluding Words

When welcoming a new hire, it is almost always helpful to ask yourself, “What would I want this experience to look like?” In other words, think about what you would appreciate and want when joining an organization and how to make that happen for those who are just starting out.

Creating the best possible start for an employee can put them on the path to success. It can also give them a positive first impression of the company that stays will them for months and even years to come.

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