Innovative Ways to Keep Remote Employees Engaged

Remote work is the reality for many businesses during coronavirus times. Many employers are strongly recommending or requiring that their workers stay home to help combat the spread of the virus. With this action comes a new challenge for many businesses: keeping their remote employees engaged and emotionally invested.

The following suggestions can help your team stay strong through this challenging time:

Use Collaborative Software

While your employees are working in separate homes, they can still connect online using collaborative tools. This software can be work-based or not, even just providing a place for them to have small talk as they usually do in a physical office or breakroom.

For your HR staff, for example, set up software that includes project templates, job libraries, and workflows where they can share notes and updates on the different hiring stages. This type of recruitment software can help them feel less isolated and improve how efficiently your company brings on new hires.

Video conferencing tools are also valuable ways to connect your team on projects, as well as enabling them to have fun interacting to help increase job satisfaction. Staying in touch this way can help prevent burnout too.

Define Employee Goals

As they work remotely, it can be easy for workers to feel like they are just a small part of the overall operation. They can start to lose meaning in their job as a result.

To help them stay engaged in their projects, set tangible goals for them. Create timelines for them to complete tasks and check in with them on these items.

Setting them on the road to success is beneficial not only for business profit but also for maintaining employee loyalty as they will likely value your attention. Taking the time to provide remote employees with a clear sense of direction benefits everyone involved.

Put Funds Toward Their Home Office

Getting tasks done efficiently can create a feeling of accomplishment for your employees that helps them feel engaged and happy. But productivity can slow down considerably if they don’t have the proper equipment.

To help them find more fulfillment in their job, modify the business budget to put money toward creating better home offices. For example, you might offer each employee an adjustable chair.

Alternatively, granting each remote worker the right to order a standing desk that the company will reimburse them for, up to a certain price, is another great idea. Not only will they be more effective in their jobs with ergonomic furniture, but they will also appreciate your gift.

The Importance of Engagement

Keeping those who work from home feeling engaged can be easy to overlook. As everyone works from different households, it’s easy to have an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality.

However, taking staff for granted is not advisable as they are as critical to your business, if not more so than the customers. Just as you would want to be treated well, they too deserve that. The suggestions above can help you create a loyal and productive team.

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