Is It Time To Revitalize Your Talent Acquisition Strategy?

Talent acquisition, or the process of acquiring skilled employees to meet your business goals, involves more than simply filling positions. It is typically an HR task and involves attracting the right talent to the organization, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding employees. If your current talent acquisition strategy is not achieving the desired results, then take steps to improve it.

When It is Time to Update Your Talent Acquisition Process

While it is easy to get in a routine of how you acquire new talent, it’s good to reassess your talent acquisition strategy regularly to ensure it still meets the organization’s needs. If the time to hire period is longer than you would like, for example, then taking action to shorten the process can help you get the best talent before a competitor scoops them up.

Similarly, if the cost per hire is higher than you’re comfortable with, it is likely time to adjust the talent acquisition strategy to stay within the recruitment budget. Or, perhaps your not seeing as many qualified candidates for the job openings as expected, so modifying the process makes sense to grow the talent pool.

talent acquisition strategy

Where to Start?

You’re already on the right track by identifying where the issues lay in your talent acquisition strategy. Looking at the metrics of time for hire, cost per hire, and the number of suitable candidates per vacancy, are all useful for evaluating the talent pipeline.

How you transform the process will depend on where is the problem. For example, if you feel that most candidates you area tracing are not a good fit, then try new ways to get more suitable candidates into the funnel. For example, integrate screening tools into Talcura’s talent acquisition suite to fill openings with the best talent in a smooth, time-sensitive way.

Another benefit of this acquisition software is improving candidates’ experiences during the hiring process. With mobile career pages, candidates can easily browse your job openings and conveniently apply from their smartphones or tablets. Then communicate with them, setting up interview dates through the intuitive software and ensuring smooth communication with HR at every step.

Look Beyond the Now

One way of looking at talent acquisition is as filling current vacancies in a company .However, that viewpoint is limiting as it does not consider the long-term plans of the business.

By reflecting on how the business intends to expand over the upcoming months and years, a smart talent acquisition strategy will focus on hiring the people to help get there. If your HR team is not taking this comprehensive approach, then it is time to transform the talent selection process to make that happen.

Taking Steps to Improve the Brand

If you cannot figure out what to do to improve talent acquisition, then look at the employer brand. It could be that the brand is not consistent or has had a recent blemish.

Keeping the brand strong and continuing to grow it will help attract the best talent to the company. Otherwise, your HR team’s actions are limited as candidates who are torn between which job offer to accept will go with the one that has the most appealing culture. It is, there fore, essential to understand and improve the employer brand to have a better process of acquiring talent.

These tips will help you to craft a better and faster talent acquisition strategy. Regularly review the process to ensure that it is still relevant and continue to work to improve it further.

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