Navigating COVID-19 Challenges as an HR Organization

The COVID-19 crisis is creating quick changes for businesses of all sizes that are likely to have long-lasting effects. For HR departments, there are unique challenges during this tough time.

The Nature of the Coronavirus

Given that the coronavirus transfers by close contact, HR teams must rethink their strategies to attract new talent to their organizations. Rather than attending in-person networking events, face-to-face interviews, and in-person training sessions, now they must accommodate physical distancing guidelines of two meters and for the overall health and safety of all.

HR leaders must also worry about revenue, layoffs, workplace safety, continuity, and creating policies for communicable diseases. During a crisis like this one, HR professionals face difficult decisions about finances and humans.

Continuity Planning

Business leaders must be thinking about how to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, reacting to issues now, as well as reshaping their organizations for recovery. Most importantly is addressing employee concerns about health and safety, as well as reassuring them about your business continuity.

One way to do this is by being flexible with work arrangements and other policies that allow people to work safely. The HR team can communicate this message in ways that align with government and health authorities’ policies to help keep employees connected and feeling informed.

Finding ways to keep the business going with as few disruptions as possible is vital to keeping your organization afloat yet is a delicate thing as you must implement measures to reduce risks of infections. Plus, there are sure to be disruptions, such as unfilled job vacancies and unique problems not covered by business policies.

hr challenges during covid-19

Changing Recruiting, Hiring and Onboarding Activities

Working from home is the new normal for many organizations. But for organizations thinking post theCOVID-19 outbreak, they must act now to avoid losing talent and to strengthen their brand. Continuing to recruit, hire, and onboard new employees remain important, but how to do so?

Shifting processes is the answer, during the coronavirus times. HR professionals must learn how to utilize technology to manage communications with team members, as well as with job candidates and new hires.

When quality software solutions are implemented properly, they can facilitate team communication, as well as providing smooth, positive processes for sourcing, hiring, onboarding, and more. Being able to create a new normal for HR departments is crucial for the team to function, feel in control, and move the organization forward.

The Talcura recruiting suite, for example, enables HR teams to post and distribute jobs even when they work from dispersed locations at home, as well as collaborate on mobile career pages. The software also provides efficient screening tools for candidates and built-in workflows for video interviews.

Employers must also step in to ensure their HR department understands which strategies to focus on and how to use technology that will enable them to do so during COVID-19. For example, do they know how to onboard people virtually? Do they have the tools necessary to conduct a video conference?

Takeaway on HR Challenges duringCOVID-19

Your business is do in gits best to navigate the COVID-19 storm, and a solid HR team can help you steer through it. While the risks are many, this turbulent time also reveals that companies can be resilient and rebuild after the crisis.

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