How to Maintain Physical Distancing at Work and Still Be Productive

Physical distancing at work and everywhere else is imperative to reducing the risks of transmitting the coronavirus infection. But, how do you maintain productivity during your workday that is anything but normal given that you must keep 6 feet away from coworkers, employees, and customers?

The short answer is, it depends on what your work environment looks like right now.

When Working from Home

If you are not already working from home, ask your employer if it is possible to do so. Avoiding close contact with those who are outside the home can go far toward reducing the spread of COVID-19.

When working remotely, you can still be productive by creating a designated area specifically for work. Even if you do not have a separate room to transform into an office, you can still put aside at able or desk for work activities.

Creating a work zone like this will help put you in a frame of mind to do work when you are there. If you are an employer in this situation, you may find yourself wondering how to recruit new employees to continue moving business forward.

Thankfully, digital solution suites, like those from Talcura, can help your team find suitable candidates and recruit them. As well, conducting video interviews remotely can help maintain business continuity.

Staying connected with team members and with candidates throughout the entire process is possible with intelligent automated software. This modern approach to recruiting provides businesses with a way to continue to hire on employees while enabling people to maintain a safe distance for health reasons.

physical distancing at work

In an Essential Services Position

Meanwhile, people in essential service jobs, such as workers supplying groceries, must go to work outside the home to help keep the country functioning during the COVID-19 pandemic. They must still practice physical distancing, which can make doing work challenging.

However, there are ways to ensure that contact stays 6 feet apart without slowing productivity. For example, as an employer, you might stagger shifts so that fewer people than usual work at the same time.

Another way to minimize contact to preventillness is to reconfigure the workplace to provide a greater distance between employees. Also, provide staff with ample cleaning supplies.

Encourage employees to disinfect their workstations, as well as cleaning door handles and other surfaces they touch regularly. Lastly, reinforce the importance of personal hygiene in lowering exposure to COVID-19.

Education can go far toward motivating employees to take precautions for best health practices. That includes helping them continue to connect with clients working from home by providing them with appropriate technologies and explaining how to use them.

Final Words on Physical Distancing

Maintaining a 6-foot physical distance can stop the person-to-person spread of the coronavirus. As an employer, you can make a positive difference by directing employees to stay home when ever possible.

In your essential service workplace, help to eliminate close contact by spacing workstations far apart, and encourage regular cleaning practices. Adapting automated technologies for recruitment practices can also keep your business moving forward during the novel coronavirus outbreak.

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