Reaching Talent Faster Using Social Media

New application options take it further

HR must continually adapt and change to support business growth in every industry. Some experts even argue that recruitment practices are just one step behind communication developments. In other words, if a communication channel becomes widespread enough, it won’t be long before it finds an actual application in HR and related industries. This is definitely what’s happened with social media.

Platforms such as Facebook were strictly considered taboo when it came to professional use. Today, it’s a different story entirely. Facebook, as well as other social networking platforms, like Twitter and Instagram, are widely used for business purposes and career development alike. Businesses reply to customers and handle everything from sales to customer service, while job seekers use them to connect with companies.

Sourcing the right talent is tough but essential to maintaining competitiveness in your industry. Social media is also one of the best ways to increase the appeal of your company as an employer.  More and more candidates appreciate it when companies are able to integrate social media into their recruitment strategy. This is an indication that your company is current, and the many candidates, especially the younger set, actually seek to work with businesses who give off a vibe of innovation and competitiveness in the modern market. This is the reason why social media should never be underestimated as an avenue to connect with (and source) great quality candidates, which can increase the overall brand awareness of your business.

At Talcura, we understand the nuances of using social media as a way to find potential employees. For this reason, we have made it very easy for our customers to source candidates from social media and other networking platforms from within our talent management applications. The power and influence of social media in a recruitment strategy should not be underestimated or overlooked.  Some candidates utilize social media as a way to advertise their skills and showcase their dedication to their career, as well as their passion for what they do. Companies gain insight into potential candidates before they are screened. Our software platform is equipped with an advanced suit of features for HR to automate social recruiting. In addition to that, our company is committed to delivering custom solutions to meet the unique needs of your business. Visit our “Success Stories” for case studies and great information.

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