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There’s a lot of satisfaction to be had when your business is poised for growth, it’s a testament to your success and of the commitment of your employees, as well as the viability of the product or service that you offer and the clients that you serve. Pat yourself on the back - you deserve it. In order to meet the increasing consumer demands you know you need to hire more staff to accommodate the expansion. The recruitment process can be an arduous one if an efficient system is not in place. Here are a few questions to consider prior to beginning the selection process. Is there a clear need to justify adding a new position? To whom does the new position report to? What is the timeline that you are working within; is there an urgent need? Do you have the physical space to accommodate a new position? What is the budget, best use of funds; or is funding being sought? Once you are able to clearly justify the need of a new position to achieve your organizational goals and have determined the logistical and budgetary considerations you are able to begin the recruitment process. Internally, among the key stakeholders, there must be agreement that the creation of a new position is necessary to the continued success of the organization.  Typically, the key stakeholders are comprised of the leadership team, board of directors and the hiring manager or supervisor. They must all be consulted with respect to the primary responsibilities of the position, the specific needs and a timeline for hiring that doesn’t conflict with calendared events and competing projects. If your company does not have a dedicated human resources professional the next step is to determine who on the team has the skills and experience to initialize and facilitate the recruitment process. This responsibility may be assigned to an individual or to a hiring team. They will then undertake selecting candidates, ensure the website is up to date reflecting the current position, sourcing talent, conducting interviews and responding to candidates inquiries.

Recruitment Strategy tips

Tell your AWESOME storyWhat makes your organization great? What do current employees have to say about the culture of the business? Clearly articulating why your organization is a great place to work will help to attract excellent candidates and probably more customers too. Ensuring that the features and benefits of the position and the company are highlighted will help to attract candidates. For example,  if your organization offers flex-time, medical benefits, training and education, or opportunity for growth and advancement make sure that these compelling features are included in the summary.Detailed Job DescriptionCrafting a detailed job description along and outlining the requirements and any special certifications will help to narrow the applications received. This is a timesaver as you will be interviewing applicants who have the experience and skillsets that your company is looking for.Keep in touch with Prospective CandidatesQuality candidates will be more inclined to consider your offer when they are kept in the loop. For instance, if the selection process is going to take a couple of months you’ll want to touch base with those who are being considered and be honest with respect to your timelines for selection or next steps. This can easily be accomplished by email.It is a good idea to have a well-developed recruitment strategy in place in addition to a solid onboarding strategy to hire and retain top talent.To learn more about onboarding and why it is important please click here:

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