Reinventing the Employee Experience in 2021

If most or all your employees currently work from home, you likely know the challenges of a remote workforce. For many organizations, the transition to work-from-home came in response to the pandemic. It significantly changed interactions between employees, as well as their interactions with managers and with you as the employer. To create a better experience for workers in this new landscape, follow the tips below.

Selection and Onboarding Activities

In pre-coronavirus times, your HR team likely would have done in-person interviews with candidates to select the right one. After choosing the person who best fits into your company culture, this individual then would come into the office for their first day. That would have involved meeting the team, setting up their desk, and getting a building tour.

The new employee journey in 2021 looks much different than that. Thus, HR must create new ways to connect virtually with new hires who work from home.

Thankfully, automated software like Talcura’s onboarding suite makes it easy to create genuine connections with employees. For example, attach new hire paperwork to messages that you send to them and keep their responses and forms in a workflow for your team to stay on top of it. With virtual signing software, they can easily sign the documents.

A video check-in on their first day is also a great way to start the working relationship on the right foot. During this time, the HR professional can answer questions they have easily, as well as explaining expectations of them, such as what time to start work in the morning.

Team-Building Initiatives

Rather than having face-to-face interactions, many new and existing employees now communicate remotely. To keep teams strong and minimize feelings of isolation while working independently from home, your human resources team must redesign the employee experience.

Among the key points to focus on are employee connections, well-being, and home-work balance. Strengthening each of these areas has the potential to bolster worker satisfaction and, in turn, benefit the company.

Rather than networking in-person, many organizations provide networking opportunities. For those who are new to a position, for example, job shadowing virtually can provide a way to teach valuable skills that set individuals up for success.

In general, networking on platforms like Zoom provides a valuable way for people to maintain interest and enthusiasm for their jobs. It also reminds them of the valuable role they play in the organization, which is easy to forget when working alone at home.

Concluding Words

As the discussion above illustrates, technology will provide a valuable way to connect employees in 2021 and keep the bonds strong. It will be one of the greatest assets for organizations when used well. Finally, as things change with your workforce, including potentially transitioning back to the office soon, be sure to include your employees in the planning process. Be open in how you communicate and encourage them to do the same so that your workforce stays strong and unified moving forward, whether you’re in close physical proximity or not.

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