Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets and Hello to People Analytics

Spreadsheets have been synonymous with HR teams since the beginning of time. After all, this always seemed to be the default tool for managing all sorts of operations in this department, from payroll to attendance - but is it still like this?


Not so much.

This method worked for a while, especially for smaller companies and businesses that relied on the comfort and flexibility of an old Excel Spreadsheet to manage their operations and teams. Nowadays, however, if we consider how much HR processes have evolved and expanded, it is undeniable that Spreadsheets are no longer the best solution.


Spreadsheets Slow Down Operations        

One of the main drawbacks of using Spreadsheets is the fact that it is not sustainable for HR tasks that require complex correlations and real-time analysis. Analyzing data on spreadsheets can take an excessively long time to manage. With the duties of data extraction, processing information, and preparing reports, the process gets too time-consuming. So if you're trying to make decision-making more quick and efficient, Spreadsheets are definitely not the way to go.


Spreadsheets Are Prone To Human Errors

Another factor that makes Spreadsheets highly unreliable are their susceptibility to human error. Think about the management of massive databases and complex calculations for sizeable organizations. If your HR teams are working with Spreadsheets, more mistakes are bound to be made, especially if the files are being accessed by several people.


Poor Report Generation        

If your HR team needs to deliver reports regularly, relying on Spreadsheets can make the process extremely long - not to mention faulty. Nowadays, having tools that provide automatic reporting is a must for any HR department.


Highly Vulnerable Data

Finally, relying exclusively on Spreadsheets can compromise the privacy of data. In this sort of application, data is vulnerable to alterations, and as files get passed down through an email chain, they are more susceptible to being corrupted. This makes any critical data highly prone to fraudulent use, which can lead to business losses - or worse.


The Best Solution? People Analytics!

Many companies are still using Spreadsheets and outdated software because they don't fully understand or trust the modern alternatives they're presented with. However, most tools aren't as demanding as people think! Automated People Analytic tools are an uncomplicated and effective option for those that want to innovate and let go of obsolete methods. These solutions allow your HR teams to record data quicker, access the most comprehensive analytics tools, and generate reports within seconds. All this with the smallest margin of error.


To succeed in today's competitive world, HR teams must stay up to date with the latest software, and this is something Talcura can facilitate. We have the most comprehensive services and software for HR professionals, designed to help attract, hire and onboard top talent. Schedule a free demo and learn more about our customizable solutions and how they can perfectly fit your business needs.

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