Talent Acquisition vs. Recruitment - Are they the same?

When you hear the words talent acquisition and recruitment do you assume, as so many people do, that they mean the same thing? They are often used interchangeably so if you do understand them to mean the same thing it’s not your fault. Recruitment and talent acquisition are vastly different despite their similarities.

Recruitment can be looked at as the activity or the action of sourcing potential employees. It is often a reactive process triggered by sudden vacancies within a company. Talent acquisition is the opposite, it is a proactive strategic process that looks to the long-term rather than the immediate staffing needs. It is also important to note that talent acquisition is also about employee retention to lessen the frequency of reactive recruitment.

Recruitment can’t always be avoided, this is especially true in industries where turnover is typically high such as in the food service and retail industries but even in these fields panicked hiring can be avoided. A well designed and implemented talent acquisition strategy ensures that recruitment is not a knee-jerk activity but one that looks to the long term and has potential hires that have been nurtured in the pipeline who are ready to engage further with your company.

Effective talent acquisition strategies actively engage potential employees in the culture of the company from their first contact with it. A strong and responsive brand identity and repeated exposure to the company culture along with personalized engagement at all stages of the hiring process keeps potential employees interested and excited to join your business.

talent acquisition vs recruitment

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is recruitment often a response to unexpected vacancies?
  • Do you find yourself scrambling to find qualified people only to have them leave within the first year?

If you answered yes to the above, it’s time to look more closely at what an acquisition strategy can do attract and retain talent.

A good place to start is with a critical review of your brand identity. Is the company culture reflected in the brand serving as a positive reinforcer for potential hires? Next you need to consider what software you are using for recruiting and whether you are taking full advantage of all its features. Quite often HR teams do have good platforms in place, but they are not using them to their capacity. Identify areas that need to be strengthened and ensure that there is consistency of branding and messaging across all departments.

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