Text Message Recruiting: Benefits and How to Do It Well

A growing HR trend is text message recruiting. If you are not yet using this method to reach candidates or are unsure how best to implement it, this guide is here to help you.

Top Advantages of Text Recruiting

Recruiters have traditionally used email and phone to communicate with job applicants, and those methods are not going anywhere. However, the popularity of text messaging in every generation is undeniable. It’s fast to send and open, for starters.

Text recruiting is convenient too. Candidates can open it when they have the time, even if they’re not at home. Plus, there’s no denying the research; SMS messages have open rates as high as 98 percent.

Not only that, but mobile communications are cost-effective. Instantly communicate with a candidate via text, which can lead to a faster hire to reduce hiring process’s overall costs.

Texts also can feel very personal. Many people think of text messages as something they do regularly with friends and family, so sending one can have a big impact on the recipient. Combining a professional tone of voice with a personal touch in the text can make a candidate more comfortable.

Finally, SMS is a terrific way to make sure your contacts get the intended messages. You won’t have to worry that you’ll wind up in the email Spam folder.

5 Ways to Use Texts in Your Recruitment Strategy

To improve recruiting activities, consider using text service to:

1. Further Automate the Process

Your HR team is already saving time by automating workflows with Talcura, and now you can take it a step further and add in texts. Having another way to communicate with candidates and reach them on the go is handy for everyone.

2. Attract Applicants to a Vacancy

Categorize your list according to where they live, whether they have a degree or not, and other characteristics. Then, send out a mass text message of the job posting to them to get their attention.

3. Schedule Interviews

Texting is quicker than emails to schedule details like the date and time of a job interview. Quickly get your calendar in order and connect with the applicant to get to the stage in the hiring process.

4. Send Reminders

Easily send a reminder on the interview day to confirm the candidate is still available for it. Doing so will help make sure it happens on time. Add helpful details to the message, too, such as how to join the Zoom call if it’s a virtual interview.

5. Ask Candidates What They Prefer

Finally, ask candidates what form of communication they prefer you to use moving forward. Ask if they want you to text, email, or call (or a combination). Doing what they’re most comfortable with helps them feel in control and be more comfortable.

Using Texts to Minimize Time

When used effectively, text messaging is a great way to save time in the recruiting process. By incorporating the above suggestions, your HR team can also look forward to a greater return on investment. If you’re not yet including mobile communications in your strategy, now is a great time to start.

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