The Great Rehire: What Job Candidates Want in 2022

The Great Resignation of 2020-2021 is evolving into the Great Rehire of 2022. With approximately 40 percent of the workforce handing in their notice during the past couple of years, HR teams are rethinking their recruitment processes. Here are some tips for improving your company’s ability to attract job-seekers.


Workplace Flexibility


Candidates and employees have made it clear that workplace flexibility is an important factor. According to a Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trend Index, 73 percent of employees want flexible remote options to stay after the pandemic. Accenture found that 83 percent of employees prefer a hybrid work model.


The bottom line is, candidates want to work for a company that lets them choose where they work. In order to attract candidates in 2022, your company will need to clearly communicate remote and hybrid work policies.


Internal Mobility


With 33 percent of candidates citing career development as a major consideration for accepting a job offer, internal mobility is a must in 2022. During recruitment, candidates will want to hear detailed information about your company’s upskilling and re-skilling policies.


Your company will also benefit if you rely on the talent you already have: to replace an employee, it costs from one-third to twice that employee’s salary.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


In 2022, businesses must make every effort to demonstrate their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). It’s a crucial issue for the vast majority of workers, with 76 percent citing DEI as an important consideration when evaluating a job offer. The numbers are even higher for Black, Hispanic and LGBTQ candidates.


Steps that your company can take to improve DEI include:


·        Include stakeholders from diverse groups in your interview process.

·        Examine job applications and other recruitment materials and remove discriminatory language.

·        Ask for candidate and employees for feedback regarding your company’s commitment to DEI.  


Company Transparency


Today’s savvy job-seekers place a high value on company transparency. Candidates should know what to expect from your company’s recruitment process. How many interview call backs can they expect? How long will the application process take?


Make sure that a candidate understands their potential role with the company, including their expected contribution as an employee. Job-seekers want clear communication when it comes to potential salary and benefits. Now is the time to promote benefits that are in demand. For example, you could explain your company’s health and wellness program — a benefit that contributes to job satisfaction and retention among 70 percent of enrolled employees.


Candidate Feedback


When analyzing your recruitment practices, take advantage of a data set that’s right in front of you: candidate experience. Ask candidates for feedback regarding key points in the recruitment process:


·        Job application

·        Interview process

·        Transparency regarding job description, salary and benefits

·        Company’s commitment to DEI


Employee churn data is also useful for improving recruitment. This information can help you understand why employees leave and why candidates reject job offers.


The Great Rehire: A Golden Opportunity


Job-seekers know what they want in a potential employer. The Great Rehire is giving HR teams a golden opportunity to refine and update their recruitment practices. The result can be an improved experience for candidates, employees and employers.

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