The Hybrid Office Trend in 2021

Workplaces began to change to a few decades ago, from technological advancements to more casual dress codes for casual offices. Telecommuting also became more common and easier to implement for many organizations. With the COVID-19 crisis, the hybrid office came to the forefront, and it promises to stay in 2021.

Why Hybrid Offices?

If the “new normal” involves most or all your employees working from home, you might assume they are enjoying being out of the office. But a recent survey found that 49% of respondents found working from home to be less fun as time went on. Among their reasons for wanting to get back to the office were socializing and the ease of working with colleagues.

This same study looked at how people envisioned working, with significant support for a hybrid workplace model. This hybrid approach refers to workers spending most of their time at the office but still having the flexibility and support to work from home sometimes. Under this model, the time at home would occur when it best suits the circumstances or work type.

Given this finding, and the many benefits of satisfying workers, including lower turnover rates, the hybrid office is a trend in 2021. The question is, how to implement it successfully in your organization?

How to Achieve a Hybrid Working Balance

For employers, staying agile is the key to providing a healthy work-life balance for workers. The traditional office environment went by the wayside when the pandemic began as organizations were forced to shut their doors and create a remote working game plan. Now, employers must monitor the situation to determine what is best for employee safety and mental health.

Finding flexible ways for employees to work can provide them with the social aspects that come with an office environment, while also enabling them to use home workspaces when it is safer or easier.

For example, you might implement a style of office design with an “at home” feel to it. The comfort that comes with this type of atmosphere can appeal to those searching for a workplace that they enjoy being in.

This change does not mean that less work is being done either. When your team is working in a way that suits them, they can achieve the balance necessary to give their full attention to their jobs, boosting productivity.

Providing Support

When employees have questions or need assistance, be there to help them or ask your HR department to step in to handle these situations. For instance, consider providing your employees with a stipend to cover office equipment to help them do their jobs better at home.

Keep in close contact with new hires too as their first day approaches to ease any worries. Send messages easily using Talcura’s onboarding tool and provide them with the necessary forms to sign electronically to begin their employment. Doing so can bolster staff loyalty from day one.

Final Words on the Hybrid Workspace of 2021

Creating a work environment that your employees are comfortable in requires adaptability. Not only do working styles change but also the workers might have different priorities post-COVID.

In conclusion, do your best to be open to transforming your office and updating it to meet your employees’ needs. Help them create a better home office too. Doing so can make a positive difference in the productivity and loyalty of your workforce.

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