The Most Common Mistakes Recruiters Make

Recruiting isn’t easy, especially in today’s competitive world. You need to study labor markets, understand talent pools, work with recruiting software and stay organized during all processes. Moreover, recruiting takes a lot of responsibility. The people you choose to hire will ultimately shape your company's future. They are directly tied to your company's reputation and success. But recruiters are only human and, like Alexander Pope wrote, “to err is human”.

When it comes to recruiting, many mistakes can be made, from not setting clear hiring timelines to hiring the wrong candidates. Here’s a list of the most common mistakes recruiters make and how they can easily avoid them:

Not writing appealing job descriptions

The purpose of a job description is to ensure the job will meet the organization's needs and to recruit the appropriate candidate for the position. If you write detailed job offers, it will be less likely that employees who don't fit the criteria apply. Besides, keep in mind that one of your main goals is to attract candidates that share your organizational values. Communicating your company's mission, vision, and values, while being clear about total compensation and benefits, is key to attracting high-quality job candidates.

Trusting too much on the resume

Resumes are like a job candidate’s highlight reel. Don’t be fooled though - people aren’t always what they seem on paper. On the other hand, note that resumes only provide a glimpse of a candidate’s skills and background. A lot of details are left out, such as work ethic, teamwork, and organizational capabilities. Be mindful of that when screening through the applications.

Poor communication with candidates

Now that the competition for top talent is fierce, it’s more critical than ever that you have a solid candidate communication strategy: one that emphasizes speed, thoroughness, and professionalism. It is known that recruiters regularly face task overload that makes it challenging to stay on top of candidate communication; however, never forget that candidates expect timely communication when they apply. They can easily hurt your company’s reputation if there’s lack of communication from your side.

Making desperate hires

Sometimes, when we feel desperate to fill a job position, we make a bad call in the recruiting department. Unfortunately, hiring when in desperation is very unproductive and costly - and it can easily bring negativity to the workplace. When in doubt, it's always better to wait and find the right person for the job.

Not being properly prepared for the interviews

Before you can successfully interview someone, you must have a good idea of what is needed for the role, and then structure your interview accordingly. And more than having a list of questions or re-reading the resumes, you should also take the time to check the candidate's LinkedIn profile and application letter before the interview. This extra effort will make your company look good and sound more appealing to the candidate.

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