The Most Common Recruiting Challenges

Hiring and retaining suitable candidates are two of the most significant factors that determine an organization’s success. Talent acquisition activities are critical to the competitiveness of any business and can even determine how the brand is perceived in the market. However, recruiting in this day and age is more challenging than ever before, as it requires coherence, structure, and continuous optimization. To help you succeed, in this article, we address the most pressing recruitment challenges and how you can overcome them:

Not Attracting Qualified Candidates

The skills gap among jobseekers is one of the most common challenges faced by today's recruiters. Consequently, HR teams find themselves screening through irrelevant applications, which translates into a waste of time, resources, and ultimately, money.

How can you solve this? By being clear about the requirements in your job ads and giving a concise view of the role. Sourcing candidates outside the typical job boards is also a great strategy for finding a broader diversity of job seekers.

Standing Out In A Very Competitive Market

Given today’s talent shortage, employers are forced to compete for a more limited pool of candidates. It is, therefore, essential to stand out from the competition. To do so, remember that offering a flexible work environment is, nowadays, a great plus. Likewise, you should invest in a strong employer brand that makes candidates chase your company rather than the other way around. There are many ways to build your brand: you can share stories of your employees on social media or create appealing LinkedIn Career Pages, for instance. The goal is to show candidates how your company can make them grow and find purpose. 

Lack Of Employer Brand

This goes hand in hand with the previous topic. In today's job market, candidates have plenty of choices, which is why it is more significant than ever to develop a strong and appealing employer brand. To that end, you should focus on your company's online presence. Make sure your website is up-to-date and that your social media channels are frequently updated with engaging posts. Remember: content is one of the most powerful ways to bring your brand to life. Regard this as an opportunity to highlight your company culture and values.

Reaching High Retention Rates

High employee turnover can cost you a lot of money in recruitment costs and new-hire training. To retain top talent, offering competitive salaries isn't enough - you must also keep them happy and engaged. As such, it is important that you provide opportunities for employees to grow and make them feel valued, engaged, and with a sense of purpose within the company. Providing lifestyle-enhancement benefits can also be an effective way to recruit and keep talented employees.

Not Having An Efficient Recruitment Process

When it comes to hiring, HR teams need to communicate fast, evaluate candidates efficiently and know what's going on every step of the way. Needless to say, coordinating all this communication isn't always an easy task, especially if we consider that, for most companies, it is still a very manual process. To fix this problem, employers need to invest in recruiting technology and empower human resources through real automation. This is something Talcura can help you with!

We are a leading provider of integrated, intuitive, easy-to-use software that enables organizations to effectively source, select and retain high quality job candidates. If you want to upgrade your hiring strategies and make life easier for your HR teams, don’t hesitate to schedule a free demo with us today! We will be delighted to offer you tools that adapt to your specific workflow and needs.

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