These will be the Biggest Recruitment Trends of 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed recruitment and hiring significantly. Video interviews and hiring for remote work are only two examples. Looking ahead, what are the top recruitment trends of the year?  

A Candidate-Driven Landscape

Candidates are in the driving seat; they are able to choose who they want to work for. Those who are qualified on the market often have multiple job offers they are considering at any time. So, your HR team is actively competing with other organizations to attract and keep top talent.

That means many people are more selective about what job they apply for and accept. They can command higher salaries, flexible work schedules, and more.

One way to create a more positive recruiting process that appeals to candidates and gets them excited about your organization is customizing messages to them. Creating these tailored messages easier and in less time with Talcura’s intuitive software, making it a useful tool in your recruiting process.

Mental Health Benefits

Providing mental health support is more important than ever as HR teams watch their employees struggle through the challenges of this pandemic, including feelings of isolation and fear. Addressing these issues as an organization involves having honest, open conversations with workers about their feelings and providing services to address their needs.

Some examples of mental health support that a company can provide new hires and existing employees include extra days off and counseling sessions with a therapist. Offering these benefits can help employees stay happy and productive, and show them that the employer cares, which may increase retention.

Diversity Recruiting

Watch for more organizations to embrace diversity training in 2022. Hiring a diverse workforce shows progress and upholds the notion of equality, all with the goal to promote innovation and boost profit. A recent study noted that creating diverse teams at the management level can increase revenue from new products and services.

Hiring those who come from different backgrounds, sexes, age groups, races, and ethnicities will bring new viewpoints and solutions to the workplace, which can help organizations meet set goals. By broadening hiring approaches to look less at work experience and instead at the candidate’s potential, organizations can improve their diversity and provide opportunities to those who might not otherwise have access.

Driven by Data

Data-driven recruiting is another recruitment trend to watch for in 2022. By using real-time analytics, HR teams can better understand rates of acceptance and other important facts and statistics to improve the hiring process.

Doing so could make it easier to source talent, attract more applicants, and hire them efficiently. You may even be able to reduce hiring costs by using a data-driven recruitment model.

Concluding Thoughts on the Latest Recruiting Trends

Staying on top of the biggest trends is vital for organizations that want to stay competitive and appeal to candidates by making a great first impression. The list above provides a great start for you. Your business can adapt to modern challenges and avoid being left behind by focusing on popular recruiting strategies that put candidates at the center.

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