Top 3 Trends that will Shape the HR Industry in 2020

Human resources (HR)is crucial to shaping the workforce, from encouraging the culture of an organization to communicating in-house values to the entire team. HR also plays a significant role in recruitment, training, and skills development of employees. By understanding the HR industry trends for 2020, you can anticipate and be proactive about what’s to come this year.

These top three trends for the HR industry are sure to create a buzz in 2020:

top HR trend

Top HR Trend One: Remote work will extend further

A growing number of businesses are exploring remote work options for both full-time and part-time job openings. While come biz owners have all remote workers, others support remote activities, such as working from home one day a week.

Over this coming year ,we expect that the remote workplace will cease to be a trend but instead be come a permanent part of today’s job force. Something that will change, though, is the distance of the remote employee. The physical distance will likely extend beyond what it has been, from the same city to across the country and even a cross the world.

The advancement of technology allows for this amazing globalization of the workforce. We love how tech can encourage communication and connect job seekers with opportunities to work within organizations that are far away geographically unlike ever before.

Top HR Trend Two: More HR Chatbots

Chatbots have become a common sight on retail sites and for IT help. In 2020, they are sure to be a more frequent part of helping integrate new employees into the company culture. In fact, chatbots have the potential to make the onboarding process more effective at many different stages, from inviting candidates to interviews to orienting them once they are on board.

This technology has the power to make the onboarding experience more enjoyable for employees and ensure the company covers all stages with the new hire. Above all, when using the right scripts and templates, the HR chatbot can provide an amazing first impression to a candidate this is crucial to securing them for your team.

Top HR Trend Three: More Date Driven than Ever

HR is gaining access to more insights than ever before about employees and candidates, thanks to tech advancements. Expect the amount of data available at the HR level to increase with in the next 12 months, along with their comfort in using the information.

This data helps HR sections significantly by improving hiring processes, as well as shedding light about who to let go from an organization. Making these decisions is all the better with data behind it that comes from reliable algorithms void of human biases.

Sophisticated algorithms can also process large amounts of information in a much shorter time than the average person. Use software to build a profile of each applicant for a position and identify the features that meet the ideal candidate for the vacancy.

These three trends reveal the changing ways that HR departments receive and process information. Moving forward, choosing the optimal methods and tools can ensure your business advances efficiently and helps its team as well.

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