Top 5 Reasons Why Candidates Withdraw

The resumes are flowing in and the recruitment process is in full swing. You’re excited because the candidates’ vying for the position are top-notch performers, and one of them is a perfect fit for the company and the team. Excitement gives way to disappointment and dismay when some of top talent applicants withdraw from the selection process. There are several reasons why candidates disengage and pull out of the process entirely. Below we’ll explore five reasons why this happens and what you can do to prevent it.

The Hiring Process is long and tedious

Many star performers will leave the race if the hiring process is too long and drawn out. For many businesses this is the primary cause of candidates dropping out. Critically and objectively look at the process and look to streamline and simplify the process. Identify the areas that are taking up the most amount of time and make changes and improve efficiencies where necessary. Ensure that the process is adequately explained to the applicants and keep in touch with the candidates at every stage. If an unexpected event arises and the process will be longer than expected contact the top candidates’ and explain the situation and what is being done to resolve it. Honest and timely communication is appreciated, and the candidates may think twice before dropping out of the selection process if they are kept in the loop.

Poor Interview Experience

Put yourself in the applicant’s shoes. If you were the one being interviewed what would you expect and appreciate? Ensure that courtesy and friendliness is extended and ensure that the questions being asked in the interview are relevant.  The interviewer must be focused and engaging, if they appear unorganized, unprepared, or distracted the candidate will question what it’s like to work there and may well decide that they would be better off elsewhere. The interviewer is an extension of the company and the business brand and must be your best ambassador.

Challenging Navigation

Many businesses have an online application portal. A company will lose top talent at the outset when the online application is frustrating and cumbersome. This area of your website needs to be well thought out, organized, and easy to use. It must also showcase the company culture and the many benefits of working there. It serves as the first impression that a potential employee will encounter and it’s true; you never get a second chance to make a good first impression!


The importance of regular communication with the candidates cannot be overstated. If the applicants experience lengthy gaps at any stage of the process they will begin to question what the experience of working there will be. Frequent and relevant emails and calls will help to keep the candidates excited and looking forward to the possibility of working with your company. Adding them to your newsletter mailing list is another way to keep the applicants in the loop while also offering them a look at the company culture. Keep them apprised of next steps and follow through. Honest communication helps to build trust and rapport.

Slow Decision Making

When the interviews have been conducted and all that remains is to make the actual selection, don’t sit ion it. You run the risk of losing your top prospect if the final step runs into weeks. This may be perceived as a lack of coordination or communication within the business or worse, it could be perceived as an inability of the top decision makers to come to an agreement. Typically, top candidates are quick and confident decision makers and they expect that the companies they join will be similar. Talcura can help you identify gaps and inefficiencies in your recruitment strategy. We work with you every step of the way to improve your talent acquisition efforts.

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