Top Recruiting Strategies for the Healthcare Industry

In the healthcare field, there is a lot for recruiters to think about this year. With shortages of doctors and nurses, as well as talent gaps and high turnover rates, recruiting professionals have their work cut out for them as they try to find the best candidates for job openings. Their acquisition strategies, for example, will have to get more creative than ever to win the uphill battle. Below are some innovative suggestions.

Smoother Assessment and Hiring Process

Those looking for work in healthcare (or elsewhere) will become frustrated by a tedious, lengthy candidate experience. Similarly, HR teams have a lot on their plate in the healthcare industry right now, so they don’t have the extra time to go back and forth in the hiring or onboarding processes. Yet what these groups share is the desire for quality communications, a fulfilling job experience, and a strong team.

Help make the experience a more fulfilling one for all involved by using automated tools that still allow for genuine conversations. Well-designed tools from Talcura can speed up candidate assessment, while also keeping the hiring process on track and progressing at a pace that fits your organization.

Candidates can also enjoy having control over their application process, which they increasingly want. For example, they can easily sign off on application forms and fill out employment paperwork electronically.

Look for Professionals in Other Fields

While recruiters are looking to fulfill healthcare positions, that doesn’t mean that candidates whose backgrounds are outside the field can’t be considered for vacancies. Many soft and hard skills are transferrable, such as a strong work ethic, managing time well, and knowledge of specific science areas.

Considering those working in other fields of expertise will help recruiters find great talent that they might otherwise have missed. Individuals looking to start a new career path or move higher in a related field will likely be receptive to job posts and messages directly from recruiting teams.

recruiting strategies for the healthcare industry

Identify Talent Early On

Campus recruiting is a great way to identify talent that is receiving the training for healthcare jobs that you have the need to fill. While these students obviously haven’t finished their program yet, connecting with them now can be part of your long-term strategy to fill positions with top talent when they graduate in a few years.

Getting an early start on recruiting in this way will help you secure the best up-and-coming talent. Hiring manager scan speak at campus events to help form relationships with students who will be future hires and consider offering healthcare internships to help prepare them for a career within your organization. Doing so will also help you gain their loyalty, which reduces the chances that they will leave the job for a competitor soon after getting hired.

Looking Ahead as Healthcare Recruiters

The above-noted strategies can help recruiting professionals create a positive experience for all involved in the current and scape, where there are shortages in many areas of healthcare. Recruiters in the healthcare industry can benefit significantly from a long-term strategy for acquiring the leading talent of tomorrow.

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