Using Videos to Enhance Recruitment Efforts

New technologies are disrupting the recruitment industry faster than ever before.  While it is important for businesses to keep up and embrace new technologies, they must also pick and choose those technologies that have been proven and validated in the marketplace.

Video is one such technology that has become increasingly popular over the last few years specifically in the talent acquisition space. As access to camera is already ubiquitous, it has given yet another way for recruiters to screen and hire talent faster.

Using Videos to Enhance Recruitment Efforts

Enhanced Candidate Experience


Employers are now able to see the person behind the application and begin to get to know them before moving further a long the recruitment process. It allows recruiters to obtain a better sense of the applicant as you might notice subtle non-verbal cues which can be very illuminating. This can provide an opportunity to gauge whether or not the applicant will be a good fit within your organization.

Time Saver

Short videos introductions allow recruiter to quickly weed out applicants who do not meet the desired skill sets and requirements. These shortlisted applicant videos can be easily shared with the decision makers and hiring managers for their input. Video introductions are particularly efficient when it comes to high volume applications received for an opportunity, it’s far less time sift through 100 applicant videos than it is to call 100 applicants on the phone one by one.

Two-way live video interviews can be a cost-effective replace to face-to-face interviews as well as for remote hiring.  Having the ability to conduct live video interviews without the hassle, in a single system, lets recruiters to quickly reach potentially talent applicants much faster than the competition, specially for high volume hires.

Video screening capabilities are built-in Talcura and provides one-click screening for recruiters. To learn more, please visit and sign up for live demo to see Talcura in action.

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